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Description of Position Offered

Position Neonatology Locum Tenens
Credentials MD, Neonatology BC
Starting Date Negotiable

Contact Information

Name Kanzee Kell
Organization Vista Staff
State PA
EMAIL kenzee.kell@vistastaff.com
Phone 8014282400


I am partnering with a facility in Pennsylvania that is looking for locum tenens coverage for 7, 24 hour shifts a month in their level 3 NICU. Responsibilities: Lead rounds with multi-disciplinary team, complete notes and billing, field maternal and newborn nursery consults (no direct role in normal newborn care) & attend high risk deliveries. Procedures: Intubations,vent management (HFOV, conventional, non-invasive including CPAP and high flow nasal cannula etc), TPN, sedation (only for procedures to aid ventilation and oxygenation), Chest Tubes. Contact me by email or by phone for more information.

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