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Last Database Update: January 10, 2016
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Ground Rules of the Directory
  • The directory is free and is open to all health care professionals in neonatal/perinatal medicine.
  • The directory will be refreshed on the Web server at least once per month. Please do not ask us for "rush" postings.
  • We reserve the right to verify postings by EMAIL before making them visible on the Web server and/or to edit the length of the "comments" section of the postings.
  • Please have the courtesy to notify us when the job posting is no longer needed so that we can delete it.
  • All job postings are removed after 6 months. You are welcome to resubmit the job posting if necessary.
  • The directory is provided by Neonatology on the Web as a free service to the neonatology on-line community. Accordingly, we can not and do not warranty or guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or availability of the directory in any way.
  • Use of the directory is at your own risk. We are under no circumstances liable for damages or expenses that you may incur through use of the directory.

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