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Citations by Category - Imaging

Pub. Date Title Author(s)
Feb. 2000 Computer assisted analysis of the chest radiograph lung area and prediction of failure of extubation from mechanical ventilation in preterm neonates Dimitriou G, Greenough A
August 1998 Supplement 1 The Evolution of Electronic Imaging in the Medical Environment Erickson, Bradley J.; Hangiandreou, Nicholas J.
May 1998 A bronchoscopic, computer-assisted examination of the changes in dimension of the infant tracheal lumen with changes in head position: implications for emergency management. Wheeler M; Roth AG; Dunham ME; Rae B; Cote CJ
April 1998 Three-dimensional reconstruction of the power flow Doppler imaging of intracranial vascular structures in the neonate Hayashi T, Ichiyama T, Nishikawa M, Kaneko J, Nakashima K, Furukawa S
1998 The effect of 10 : 1 compression and soft copy interpretation on the chest radiographs of premature neonates with reference to their possible application in teleradiology Parisi SB, Mogel GT, Dominguez R, Dao H, Cramer TJ
May/June 1997 Medical Image Databases: A Content-Based Retrieval Approach Hemant D. Tegare; C. Carl Jaffe; James Duncan
May/June 1997 Understanding and Using DICOM, the Data Interchange Standard for Biomedical Imaging W. Dean Bidgood; Steven C. Horii; Fred W. Prior; Donald E. Van Syckle
Spring, 1997 Radiology Cases in Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Amplifying the Benefits of Performance Improvement by Sharing a Hospital Performance Improvement Program with the World Via the Internet Loren G. Yamamoto
July/August, 1996 Personal Computer Teleradiology Interhospital Image Transmission of Neonatal Radiographs to Facilitate Tertiary Neonatology Telephone Consultation and Patient Transfer Yamamoto, Loren G; Ash, Kenneth M; Boychuk, Rodney B; Venkataraman, Balaraman; Iwaishi, Louise K; Sommer-Candelario, Sherri A; Amell, Charlene M; Bennett, Melissa I
September 1992 Evaluation of a Digital Workstation for Interpreting Neonatal [Radiologic] Examinations. A Receiver Operating Characteristic Study E. A. Franken, Jr., K. S. Berbaum, S. M. Marley, W. L. Smith, Y. Sato, S. C. Kao, and S. G. Milam
1991 Comparison of a PACS workstation with conventional film for interpretation of neonatal examinations: a paired comparison study. E. A. Franken Jr., W. L. Smith, K. S. Berbaum, S. C. S. Kao, and Y. Sato
1991 Computed Radiography in Neonatal Intensive Care L. Merlo; S. Bighi; P. M. Cervi; L. Lupi

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