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Citations by Category - Ethical and Legal Issues

Pub. Date Title Author(s)
June 2004 Voluntary anonymous reporting of medical errors for neonatal intensive care Suresh G, Horbar JD, Plsek P, Gray J, Edwards WH, Shiono PH, Ursprung R, Nickerson J, Lucey JF, Goldmann D.
Nov/Dec 1999 Multicenter Patient Records Research: Security Policies and Tools Fred M. Behlen; Stephen B. Johnson, PhD
October, 1999 Privacy Protection of Heath Information: Patient Rights and Pediatrician Responsibilities AAP Pediatric Practice Action Group and Task Force on Medical Informatics
March, 1999 The Physician's Role in a World of Technology Howell, Joel D.
Oct. 21, 1998 On Call and Online Spielberg, Alissa R.
Nov/Dec 1997 Recommendations for Responsible Monitoring and Regulation of Clinical Software Systems Randolph A. Miller, MD and Reed M. Gardner, PhD, for various organizations: AMIA, CPRI, MLA, AAHSL, AHIMA, and ANA.
Nov/Dec 1997 A WWW Implementation of National Recommendations for Protecting Electornic Health Information John D. Halamka; Peter Szolovits; David Rind; Charles Safran
August, 1997 Privacy, Information Technology, and Health Care Thomas C. Rindfleisch
June, 1997 National Policy Perspectives: Improving the Privacy and Security of Electronic Health Information Paul D. Clayton, PhD
March, 1996 Internet Listservers and Pediatrics: Newly Emerging Legal and Clinical Practice Issues (Commentary) Stephen J. Elliott, MD; Robin G. Elliott, JD
March/April, 1996 Privacy, Confidentiality, and Electronic Medical Records Randolph C. Barrows, Jr., MD; Paul D. Clayton, PhD
Nov. 23, 1995 The Computer-Based Medical Record and Confidentiality Beverly Woodward, PhD
1989 Computers in medicine: liability issues for physicians Arthur W. Hafner; Andrey B. Filipowicz; William P. Whitely
April, 1985 Ethical and Legal Issues Related to the Use of Computer Programs in Clinical Medicine Randolph A. Miller, MD; Kenneth F. Schaffner, PhD; Alan Meisel, JD
July 31, 1969 Privacy, Confidentiality, and Other Legal Considerations in the Establishment of a Centralized Health-Data System William J. Curran, JD, SMHyg; Barbara Stearns, JD; and Honora Kaplan, MPA

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