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Citations by Category - Education

Pub. Date Title Author(s)
Nov.2008 EMR guided educational gaming for parents of premature infants. Chuo J, Mazhar A, Drain C, Amato-Bowden C, Kulikowski C.
November 2007 A Framework for Describing First Time Breastfeeding Latina Mothers’ Information Needs, Information Seeking Behaviors, Resources & Communication Processes Suzanne Bakken, DNSc, RN, FAAN, MaryelenaVargas, RN, IBCLC
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2007 Personalized case driven parental education informatics in the NICU. Chuo J, Sherman P, Drain C, Kulikowski C.
Nov. 2005 Web-based Educational Resources for Low Literacy Families in the NICU Jeungok Choi, RN, PhD, Justin B. Starren, MD, PhD, Suzanne Bakken, RN, DNSc, FAAN
June 2005 Genetic resources for the neonatologist. Kaufman L, Herbert M.
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2004 Tailored Web-based Family Educational Materials in NICU Jeungok Choi, Alex Yu, Suzanne Bakken
2004 Improving Information Prescription to Parents of Premature Infants Through An OWL-Based Knowledge Mediator Howard S. Goldberg, Alfredo Morales
Spring 2004 Evaluation of the effect of a computerized training simulator (ANAKIN) on the retention of neonatal resuscitation skills. Curran VR, Aziz K, O'Young S, Bessell C.
Apr. 2002 Real-time, evidence-based medicine instruction: a randomized controlled trial in a neonatal intensive care unit Bradley DR, Rana GK, Martin PW, Schumacher RE
Sept. 1998 A Medical Informatics Curriculum for Pediatric House Officers R. G. Duncan and L. T. Miller
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December 3, 1997 The Use of Simulations in Computer-Aided Learning Over the World Wide Web Harold P. Lehmann; Christoph U. Lehmann; Joan A. Freedman
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Sept. 1997 Enhancing Clinical Teaching with Information Technologies: What Can We Do Right Now? Stephen Sandroni, MD
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Sept. 1996 Top Ten Reasons the World Wide Web May Fail to Change Medical Education Richard Bruce Friedman, MD
July/August, 1996 Newborn Touch: A CAI Program in Neonatal Pathology Albert Balaguer, MD; Josep Argemi, MD; Joan Sancho, MD; Alex Patak, MD; Ferran Sanz, PhD
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1985 Pulmonary Diseases in the Neonate: A Computer Assisted Instruction Larry Tinsley, MD; David Easa, MD
October 1984 The Pediatrician's Guide to Computer Videodiscs James A. Blackman and Joan Sustik Huntley

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