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Citations by Category - Decision Support Systems

Pub. Date Title Author(s)
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Sept. 16, 1968 Sequential Diagnosis by Computer G. Anthony Gorry, PhD; and G. Octo Barnett, MD
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1968 Experience with a Model of Sequential Diagnosis G. Anthony Gorry; G. Octo Barnett
1967 A Simple Diagnostic Computer W. M. Buchanan; E. S. Perkins
June 13, 1966 Computer Aids to Medical Diagnosis Robert S. Ledley, DDS
1964 Experience with Baye's Theorem for Computer Analysis of Congenital Heart Disease Homer R. Warner; Alan F. Toronto; and George Veasy
October, 1963 Medical Diagnosis: Past, Present, and Future. III. Diagnosis in the Future, Including a Critique on the Use of Electronic Computers as Diagnostic Aids to the Physician Ralph L. Engle, Jr., MD
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October, 1963 Medical Diagnosis: Present, Past, and Future: II. Phillosophical Foundations and Historical Development of Our Concepts of Health, Disease, and Diagnosis Ralph L. Engle, Jr., MD
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April 24, 1954 Differential Diagnosis: An Apparatus to Assist the Logical Faculties F. A. Nash, MRCS

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