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Citations by Category - Databases and Discharge Summaries

Pub. Date Title Author(s)
July 2008 Data analysis of the benefits of an electronic registry of information in a neonatal intensive care unit in Greece. Skouroliakou M, Soloupis G, Gounaris A, Charitou A, Papasarantopoulos P, Markantonis SL, Golna C, Souliotis K.
July 2008 Variability in vancomycin use in newborn intensive care units determined from data in an electronic medical record. Arnold C, Clark R, Bosco J, Shoemaker C, Spitzer AR.
November 2007 A Patient-centric, Internet-based Application for the Data Management of a Multi-centre Respiratory Syncytial Virus Prophylaxis Program Marianne Bracht, Andrew James
June 2007 The Success of an Immunization Information System in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina Julie A. Boom, Anna C. Dragsbaek, Cynthia S. Nelson
Sept. 2006 Immunization Information Systems Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine
Mar/Apr 2005 Linking survey data with administrative health information: characteristics associated with consent from a neonatal intensive care unit follow-up study. Klassen AF, Lee SK, Barer M, Raina P.
2004 Linking of the three Dutch prenatal registries to combine data on pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period N. Méray, A.C.J. Ravelli, J.B. Reitsma, G.J. Bonsel
Apr. 2004 Effectiveness of a TEOAE-based screening program. Can a patient-tracking system effectively be organized using modern information technology and central data management? Delb W, Merkel D, Pilorget K, Schmitt J, Plinkert PK
June 2003 On the use of administrative databases to support planning activities: the case of the evaluation of neonatal case-mix in the Emilia-Romagna region using DRG and APR-DRG classification systems. Fantini MP, Cisbani L, Manzoli L, Vertrees J, Lorenzoni L.
June 2001 Coverage of neonatal screening: failure of coverage or failure of information system Ades AE. Walker J. Jones R. Smith I
2000 Data mining for preterm birth prediction Linda Goodwin and Sean Maher
Nov. 1999 New Uses of Legacy Systems: Examples in Perinatal Care Alvaro Margolis, Rodolfo Vasquez, Gloria Mendoza, Antonio Zignango, Antonio Lopez, Hector Lucian
June 1999 The medical database as a tool for improving maternal/infant continuity of care. Miller LP, Greenspan B, Dowd JS
June 1999 The medical database as a tool for improving maternal/infant continuity of care Miller LP, Greenspan B, Dowd JS
Feb. 1999 Automation of follow-up and data analysis of paediatric heart disease in Malta Grech V, Pace J
1999 A model of a computer file for the intensive neonatal practice "Neonatal Intensive Computer File". LD Despotova-Toleva
Jan. 1999 Supplement The Vermont Oxford Network: evidence-based quality improvement for neonatology Horbar JD
Jan, 1999 Suppl E Perinatal information systems for quality improvement: visions for today Slagle, TA
July 1998 The Computerized Perinatal Database: Are the Data Reliable? D. T. Costakos, L. A. Love, R. S. Kirby
Dec. 1997 Characterization of liveborn infants at hospitals in the first year of implementation of the Information Subsystem on Liveborn infants in a municipality of Minas Gerais, Brazil, 1996 [Spanish] Maia MA
August, 1997 Vital Statistics Linked Birth/Infant Death and Hospital Discharge Record Linkage for Epidemiological Studies Beate Herrchen; Jeffrey B. Gould; Thomas S. Nesbitt
Summer 1997 Rapid retrieval of neonatal outcomes data: the Kaiser Permanente Neonatal Minimum Data Set Escobar GJ, Fischer A, Kremers R, Usatin MS, Macedo AM, Gardner MN
March, 1997 The Reliability of Hand-written and Computerised Records of Birth Data Collected at Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto GTH Ellison; LM Richter; T de Wet; HE Harris; RD Griesel; JA McIntyre
March, 1997 Avoidable morbidity in infants. A classification based on diagnoses in administrative databases McConnochie KM. Roghmann KJ. Liptak GS.
1997 A regional perinatal database in southern Sweden -- a basis for quality assurance in Obstetrics and Neonatology Johan Molin
1997 Medical informatics in perinatology project AGUSTINA in Argentina. Wyszynski DF, Rodas E, Morici P, Daveggio S, Gallino Fernandez R, Manetti G, Tonietto A
June 1996 Perinatal information system: a methodological proposal Krauss Silva L
May/June, 1996 Software Management for Neonatal Data Valerie Smith
April, 1995 The Vermont-Oxford Neonatal Network - Integrating Research and Clinical Practice to Improve the Quality of Medical Care Jeffrey D. Horbar
Mar. 15-Apr. 15, 1995 Linking public health data using geographic information system techniques: Alaskan community characteristics and infant mortality Andes N. and Davis JE.
February 1995 An Assessment of Data Quality in the Vermont-Oxford Trials Network Database J. D. Horbar and K. A. Leahy
1995 Computer assisted data analysis in intensive care: the ICDEV project -- development of a scientific database system for intensive care (Intensive Care Data Evaluation Project) Metnitz PG, Laback P, Popow C, Laback O, Lenz K, Hiesmayr M
September 1993 Do Primary Care Physicians Prefer Dictated or Computer-Generated Discharge Summaries? J. E. Brazy, D. L. Langkamp, N. D. Brazy, R. F. De Luna
1993 User-Friendly Computerized Quality Assurance Program for Regionalized Neonatal Care Steven M. Donn, Molly R. Gates, Damian J. Kiska
January-February 1993 Computer-Generated Discharge Instruction Sheets C. J. Okstein
December 1992 Database Use in Neonatal Intensive Care Units: Success or Failure Terri A. Slagle, MD, and Jeffrey B. Gould, MD, MPH
1992 Computerised Neonatal Case Records: A Four-Year Experience G. G. Christo, R. V. P. Marianus, Lalitha Krishnan, R. S. Iyer, and A. Venkatesh
May 12, 1991 Database Design of an Intensive Care Unit Patient Data Management System N. Fumai, C. Collet, M. Petroni, K. Roger, A. Lam, E. Saab, A. S. Malowany, F. A. Carnevale, R. D. Gottesman
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1990 Computerized [Perinatal] Data Bases on Personal Computers Neil N. Finer, MD
1989 A Convertible Perinatal Database David A. Nagey, MD, PhD, John N. Wright, PhD, Kevin Mulligan, BS, Carlyle Crenshaw Jr., MD
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1987 Use of personal computer to create data base and generate discharge summary in private practice of neonatology Shahid Sultan, MD; D. Caangay, MD; William Liu, MD; and Kimberley Rodgers
1987 Computerised Information System for Neonatal Intensive and Special Care T. Lissauer, A. M. Dawson, and R. W. Beard
1987 Computerized matron's report: The basis of a neonatal information-system J. Ellis; S. Shipham; C. Moloantoa; P. Monja
1987 Neonatal ICU System: experiences with AIDA Johan van der Lei; Janny F. Derksen-Samson
1987 Personal computer use in neonatal intensive care units--a five-year experience Furlan R, Macagno F, La Gamba G, Raffa P, Coraiola M, Bonanno-Conti I, Bracci R, Litta R, Serra G, Cornelli P, et al.
December 1986 Assessment of an on-line computerized perinatal data collection and information system M Maresh, A. M. Dawson, and R. W. Beard
August 1985 Neonatal Data Base and Automated Discharge Summary Using a Personal Computer and Proprietary Software Neil N. Finer, MD and Andrew J. Fraser
April, 1985 Developing a Perinatal Database on a Microcomputer H. Frank Andersen, MD
1984 A data base system for pediatric intensive care Gunnary I. Olsson
March 1983 Selection of an obstetric data base for a microcomputer and its use for on-line production of birth notification forms, discharge summaries, and perinatal audit M. Maresh, R. W. Beard, D. Combe, A. M. Dawson, M. D. G. Gillmer, G. Smith, P. J. Steer
1982 Computer-Generated Neonatal Discharge Summary Letter Ronald L. Poland and Glenn D. Cummings
1982 A Practical NICU Computer System - The Cetus System 100 Daniel S. Janik and Edward M. Sharp
1982 Computer-Assisted Neonatal Data Base Designed Primarily for Clinical Research Daniel P. Lindstrom and Robert B. Cotton
September 1980 Computerized Newborn Intensive Care Data Recording, Reporting, and Research. III. A Practical Microcomputer System. Daniel S. Janik, Edward M. Sharp, Lee Forbush, Michael Wyman, August L. Jung
April 1980 Computerized Medical Records in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Abstract) Marcus C. Hermansen, Ben J. Kordus, John P. Bahr, John P. Grausz, and Michael J. Hanus
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1977 Neonatal Records and the Computer Colin H.M. Walker
1977 Computerized Nursery Discharge Summary F. Jelovsek, R. Smith, L. Blackmon, W. Hammond
October 1975 Neonatal Information System II: Computer-Adapted Examination Form for the Newborn [German] M. Obladen; H. Wagner; L. Willie
Oct. 12, 1963 Computer Processing of Medical Data by Variable-Field-Length Format Julius Korein, MD; Leo J. Tick, PhD; Max A. Woodbury, PhD; Lee D. Cady, MD; Albert L. Goodgold, MD; and Clark T. Randt, MD

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