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Citations by Category - Telemedicine

Pub. Date Title Author(s)
Winter 2010 Neonatal regionalization through telemedicine using a community-based research and education core facility. Hall RW, Hall-Barrow J, Garcia-Rill E.
4/10/2008 Perspectives on Medical Outsourcing and Telemedicine — Rough Edges in a Flat World? Sanjiv N. Singh and Robert M. Wachter
Nov. 2005 Assessment of Image-Based Technology: Impact of Referral Cutoff on Accuracy and Reliability of Remote Retinopathy of Prematurity Diagnosis Michael F. Chiang, MD, MA, Jeremy D. Keenan, MD, Yunling E. Du, PhD, William Schiff, MD, Gaetano Barile, MD, Joan Li, MD, Ditte J. Hess, CRA, Rose Anne Johnson, RN, John T. Flynn, MD and Justin Starren, MD, PhD
2005 (Suppl 2) Real-time video in the neonatal intensive care nursery Armfield N, Donovan T, Wootton R.
2004 Telehealth in Northeast Brazil: a pilot program for the public sector Magdala de Araújo Novaes, Sandra da Silva Mattos, Ana Karina Pinto Barbosa, Kleber Soares de Araújoa
June 2004 Telemedicine: Pediatric Applications S. Andrew Spooner, MD, MS and Edward M. Gotlieb, MD
Jan. 2004 Using Telemedicine to Provide Pediatric Subspecialty Care to Children With Special Health Care Needs in an Underserved Rural Community James P. Marcin, MD, MPH; Jeff Ellis, PhD‡; Roland Mawis, MD; Eule Nagrampa, MD; Thomas S. Nesbitt, MD, MPH; and Robert J. Dimand, MD
Nov. 2003 Telemedicine approach to screening for severe retinopathy of prematurity: a pilot study. Ells AL, Holmes JM, Astle WF, Williams G, Leske DA, Fielden M, Uphill B, Jennett P, Hebert M.
Sept. 2002 Accuracy of interpretation of full-length pediatric echocardiograms transmitted over an integrated services digital network telemedicine link Cotton JL, Gallaher KJ, Henry GW
January 2002 Extending Healthcare's Reach Samuel K. Moore
2002 Telemedicine by email--experience in neonatal care at a primary care facility in rural India Deodhar J
Winter 2001 Limitations of patient satisfaction studies in telehealthcare: a systematic review of the literature Williams TL, May CR, Esmail A
November, 2001 Patients Following their Echos: The Effect of Telemedicine on Institutional Referral Patterns Rendina MC, Cameron AE
Dec. 2000 Baby CareLink: Using the internet and telemedicine to improve care for high-risk infants Gray JE, Safran C, Davis RB, Pompilio-Weitzner G, Stewart JE, Zaccagnini L, Pursley D
Dec. 2000 Development and clinical application of a telemedicine support system in the field of perinatal patient management Kitagawa M, Akiyama Y, Omi H, Sago H, Natori M
June 3, 2000 Systematic review of studies of patient satisfaction with telemedicine Mair F, Whitten P
April 2000 Use of telemedicine for children with special health care needs Karp WB, Grigsby RK, McSwiggan-Hardin M, Pursley-Crotteau S, Adams LN, Bell W, Stachura ME, Kanto WP
Jan 2000 Telemedical evaluation and management of retinopathy of prematurity using a fiberoptic digital fundus camera Schwartz SD, Harrison SA, Ferrone PJ, Trese MT
Nov. 1998 Telemedicine in Pediatric Transport: A Feasibility Study Danny Kofos; Raymont Pitetti; Richard Orr; Ann Thompson
Nov. 1998 The Effect of Telemedicine on Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Length of Stay in Very Low Birthweight Infants Mark C. Rendina
Nov. 1998 Baby CareLink: Home Telemedicine for Families of NICU Patients Grace Pompilio-Weitzner, James Gray, Peter C. Jones, Alison Levy, Sam Scholz, Elizabeth Sturges, Charles Safran
1998 Baby CareLink: Development and implementation of a WWW-based system for neonatal home telemedicine Gray J, Pompilio-Weitzner G, Jones PC, Wang Q, Coriat M, Safran C
July 1998 Early experience using telemedicine for neonatal surgical consultations Robie DK, Naulty CM, Parry RL, Motta C, Darling B, Micheals M, Poropatich RK, Gomez ER
Nov/Dec 1997 Telemedicine and the National Information Infrastructure - Are the Realities of Health Care Being Ignored? Mary Gardner Jones
October, 1997 Telematics in the Neonatal ICU and Beyond: Improving Care for High-Risk Newborns and their Families James Gray; Peter C. Jones; Michele Phillips; Paul Gertman; David Veroff; Charles Safran
October, 1997 A Clinical Telemedicine Consulting System Incorporating Evaluative Research Camille A. Motta; Edward Gomez; Cheryl Naulty; Rebecca K. LaChance; Ronald Poropatich; Marshall R. Michaels; Daniel Robie; Bryan Darling; Robert Parry; Margaret Cannon; Jennifer Richter
January, 1997 Interactive Communication in High-Technology Home Care: Videophones for Pediatric Ventilatory Care Katsuyuki Miyasaka, Yasuyuki Suzuki, Hirokazu Sakai, and Yoichi Kondo
June, 1996 Emergency Echocardiography Telemedicine: An Efficient Method to Provide 24-Hour Consultative Echocardiography James A. Trippi, MD; Kamthorn S. Lee, MD; Greg Kopp, RDCS; David Nelson, MS; Richard Kovacs, MD

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