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Citations by Category - Parenteral Nutrition

Pub. Date Title Author(s)
March 8, 2007 Practice ordering guidance for neonatal parenteral nutrition P J Porcelli
Feb. 2006 Of Lobsters, Electronic Medical Records, and Neonatal Total Parenteral Nutrition Dennis T. Costakos, MD, FAAP
Aug. 2005 Computer assisted total parenteral nutrition for pre-term and sick term neonates Skouroliakou M, Konstantinou D, Papasarantopoulos P, Matthaiou C.
April 2004 Preventing Provider Errors: Online Total Parenteral Nutrition Calculator Christoph U. Lehmann, MD, Kim G. Conner, RPh, MAc, and Jeanne M. Cox, MS, RD
March, 2004 A Survey of Neonatal Parenteral Nutrition Design Practices in North Carolina Porcelli, Peter
March, 2004 Standardization and the Practice of Medicine Christoph U Lehmann MD and Marlene R Miller MD, MSc
November 2002 Neonatal nutrition information practices Peter Porcelli
November 2002 Provider Error Prevention: Online Total Parenteral Nutrition Calculator Christoph U. Lehmann, K.G. Conner, J.M. Cox
November, 2000 Graphical User Interface for a Neonatal Parenteral Nutrition Decision Support System Ricardo L. Peverini, David S. Beach, Kim-Wah Wan, Nidia R. Vyhmeister
Jan-Feb 2000 Electronic parenteral and enteral nutrition. Schloerb PR
April, 1999 How often do parenteral nutrition prescriptions for the newborn need to be individualized? Beecroft C, Martin H, Puntis JW
June, 1997 Increased Parenteral Nutrition Calcium and Phosphorus for Very-Low-Birthweight-Infants Using Computer Software Assisted Ordering Peter J. Porcelli, MD; Steven M. Block, MB, BCH
March, 1997 Computerized PN Ordering Optimizes Timely Nutrition Therapy in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Maria A. Puangco; Hong L. Nguyen; Michael J. Sheridan
Feb. 1996 The Revised PEDINFUS Computer Program for Total and Added Parenteral Nutrition in Children [German] J. Kuchenbecker; L. Urbina; M. Muller
August, 1995 Pediatric Parenteral Nutrition Mixtures Design Program: Validity and Stability Study Carlos Ochoa-Sangrador; Maria Felipa Brezmes-Valdivieso; Carmen Gil-Valino
1995 VIE-PNN: An Expert system for Calculating Parenteral Nutrition of Intensive Care Premature and Newborn Infants. [German] M. Dobner; S. Miksch; W. Horn; C. Popow
October 1993 Computerized Prescription Service for Pediatric Intensive Care [German] N. Albers
March 1992 Computer assisted neonatal parenteral nutrition solution protocols Zolnierz MW
Oct. 1991 Computer-assisted compounding of neonatal/pediatric parenteral nutrition solutions Cote D, Thickson N, Oruck J.
Feb. 1991 Error in Fluid and Calorie Calculation in the Surgical Neonate Joseph J. Tepas III; Daniel L. Mollitt; Dana L. String; Pam Pieper
Oct. 1990 Computer assisted neonatal parenteral nutrition order formatting Zolnierz MW
1989 A Laptop Computer Application for Neonatal Intensive Care Joel S. Stoeckeler, MD, MS; Lynda B. M. Ellis, PhD
1989 A Program for Parenteral and Combined Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition of Neonates and Children in an Intensive Care Unit D. Picart, B. Guillois, L. Nevo, and D. Alix
March, 1987 Use of a microcomputer in a pediatric hospital Garry M. Enderlin; Marc R. Summerfield; and Marlon T. Burney
1987 Interactive Parenteral Nutrition for Newborns Brian D. Udell, MD; Jean Croush, MPH, RD; and Roger Medel, MD
1987 Use of a computer spreadsheet for fluid and nutritional management in the neonatal intensive care unit E. Contreras, J. Bustamante, S. Sridaromont, R. Saca
Sept./Oct. 1986 Pediatric parenteral nutrition management using a comprehensive user-friendly computer program designed for personal computers Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH; Gloria J. Gainsley, RPh; and J. Edward Witek, RPh
July, 1986 Data entry errors in computerized nutritional calculations Marcus C. Hermansen, MD; Richard Kahler, PE; and Barbara Kahler, MD
October 1985 Daily Calorie and Fluid Calculations in the Intensive Care Nursery Using a Pocket Computer Loren G. Yamamoto, MPH
April, 1985 A Complete Computerized Program for Nutritional Management in the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery Rita G. Harper, MD; Eduvigis Carrera, MD, PhD; Stuart Weiss, MD; and Michael Luongo, MD
1985 Portable bedside microcomputer system for management of parenteral nutrition in all age groups P. A. Ball, D. C. A. Candy, J. W. L. Puntis, and A. S. McNeish
1985 The microcomputer: an aid to paediatric parenteral nutrition Patrick A. Ball; Harendra De Silva; David C. A. Candy; Alexander S. McNeish
1984 Prescribing and formulating neonatal intravenous feeding solutions by microcomputer P. MacMahon
October, 1983 Use of the handheld programmable calculator in the preparation of TPN solutions Laura J. DiDonato, BA, BS
1983 Computerized Nutritional Data Management in Neonatal Intensive Care FE Wilson, VYH Yu, S Hawgood, TM Adamson, MH Wilkinson
1983 An Interactive Microcomputer Program for Calculation of Combined Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition for Neonates Rena Gale; J. Gale; D. Branski; Y. Armon; J. Zelingher; and D. Roll
1983 Diet Analysis for Intensive Care Nursery Patients with a Programmable Calculator James W. Thorp; and Sandra Robbins
August, 1982 Computer assisted planning of parenteral hyperalimentation therapy Fred H. Edwards
Jan./Feb. 1982 An Evaluation of a Microcomputer in Reducing the Preparation Time of Parenteral Nutrition Solutions Darryl S. Rich, PharmD; Charles M. Karnack, PharmD; and Louis P. Jeffrey, ScD
August 1981 The Use of a Computer in Parenteral Alimentation of Low Birth Weight Infants George P. Giacoia, MD, and Raman Chopra, MD
January, 1981 The use of a hand-held programmable calculator in performing neonatal parenteral nutrition solution calculations Marvin J. Feldman, RPh, MS, and Edwin P. Kizka, RPh, MS
January 1980 Computerized Total Parenteral Nutrition Formulas for Newborn Infants G. P. Giacoia, MD, L. K. Warden, and B. G. Canfield
1980 TPN Microcomputer Applications Jonathan A. Buth
March/April 1979 Computer Optimization of Enteral Hyperalimentation Robert J. Geller, Sara A. Blackburn, Duncan H. Glendon, William H. Henneman, William P. Steffee
1978 A Computer Program for Parenteral Nutrition Solution Preparation Frank May, Gloria Robbins
April, 1977 Computer Utilization for Intravenous Nutrition in Surgical Neonates Preliminary Report Dan S. Sharp and John C. German

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