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Citations by Category - Monitoring

Pub. Date Title Author(s)
Nov. 2005 "iCuro" (Intensive Care Unit Real-time Observer) : A Real-Time ICU Patient Data Integration and Presentation System Willa H Drummond MD, MS; T Chris Carnes PhD; Samuel W Coons ME; Kevin R Birkett ME, Jingqi Xian, MS and Rebecca Roys RN, MS
Nov. 2005 Aiding Clinicians through Summarization of Perinatal Data Eric. S. Hall, MS, and Sidney N. Thornton, PhD
June 2005 Computerized motion analysis of videotaped neonatal seizures of epileptic origin. Karayiannis NB, Tao G, Xiong Y, Sami A, Varughese B, Frost JD Jr, Wise MS, Mizrahi EM.
Feb. 2005 The effect of intermittent maternal fasting on computerized fetal heart tracing Mirghani HM, Weerasinghe S, Al-Awar S, Abdulla L, Ezimokhai M.
Sept. 2003 Web-based remote monitoring of infant incubators in the ICU. Shin DI, Huh SJ, Lee TS, Kim IY
Jul-Aug 2002 Intensive care monitoring: past, present and future McIntosh N.
November, 2001 Closing the loop in ICU decision support: physiologic event detection, alerts, and documentation Norris P, Dawant BM
November, 2001 Building ICU artifact detection models with more data in less time Tsien CL, Kohane IS, McIntosh N
May, 2001 Protecting Privacy in Remote-Patient Monitoring Atsushi Kara
March/April 2001 The Complexity of Heart Rate in its Postnatal Development Ralf Mrowka, Andreas Patzak, Pontus B. Persson
Jan. 2001 Toward the early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis and sepsis-like illness using novel heart rate analysis Griffin MP, Moorman JR
November, 2000 Event Discovery in Medical Time-Series Data Tsien, Chiristine L.
Nov/Dec 2000 Antenatal fetal risk assessment by blood-flow velocity waveforms Gurgen F, Guler N, Varol F
Sept. 2000 Clinical performance of an in-line point-of-care monitor in neonates Widness JA, Kulhavy JC, Johnson KJ, Cress GA, Kromer IJ, Acarregui MJ, Feld RD
Sept. 2000 Computerised audiovisual event recording for infant apnoea and bradycardia Brouillette RT, Tsirigotis D, Leimanis A, Cote A, Morielli A
August 2000 Neural network analysis of oxygenation signals in infants during sleep Taktak FG, Simpson S, Patel S, Meyers G
Jul. 2000 Multiple signal integration by decision tree induction to detect artifacts in the neonatal intensive care unit. Tsien CL, Kohane IS, McIntosh N.
May 2000 False alarms in very low birthweight infants: comparison between three intensive care monitoring systems. Ahlborn V, Bohnhorst B, Peter CS, Poets CF.
March 2000 Brain dysmaturity index for automatic detection of high-risk infants Holthausen K, Breidbach O, Scheidt B, Frenzel J
Nov. 1999 Artifact Detection in Cardiovascular Time Series Monitoring Data from Preterm Infants Cungen Cao;Isaac S. Kohane; Neil McIntosh
April 1999 Cerebral blood-flow monitor for use in neonatal intensive care units Bartocci M, Serra G, Basano L, Canepa F, Ottonello P
Feb. 1999 Microstructure of longitudinal 24 hour electroencephalograms in healthy preterm infants Pan XL, Ogawa T
Dec. 1998 A randomized, controlled trial of computerized physiologic trend monitoring in an intensive care unit Cunningham S, Deere S, Symon A, Elton RA, McIntosh N
Sept. 1998 Decreasing False Alarms in the Intensive Care Unit: Moving Along Versus Shifting the Receiver Operator Characteristic Curve Christine L. Tisen; Isaac S. Kohane; James C. Fackler; Martha Curley
June 1998 Seizure detection of newborn EEG using a model-based approach. Roessgen M, Zoubir AM, Boashash B
March, 1998 Bathing Premature Infants: Physiological and Behavioral Consequences Kathrine L. Peters, RN, PhD
March, 1998 Computerised evaluation of fetal heart rate in post-term fetuses: long term variation Mandruzzato G, Meir YJ, D'Ottavio G, Conoscenti G, Dawes GS
Nov/Dec 1997 A portable monitor for fetal heart rate and uterine contraction Chih-Lung Lin; Han-Chang Wu; Tz-Yi Liu; Maw-Huei Lee; Te-Son Kuo; Shuenn-Tsong Young
May/June 1997 Predicting air-balloon and water-filled infant catheter frequency responses Craig G. Hartford; Johan M. van Schalkwyk; Geoffrey G. Rogers; Martin J. Turner
Feb. 1997 Assessment of spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity in neonates Emmanuel Drouin; Veronique Gournay; Jean Calamel; Alain Mouzard; Jean-Christophe Roze
1997 Recording non-nutritive sucking in the neonate. Description of an automatized system for analysis. M. Hafstrom; C. Lundquist; K. Lindecrantz; K. Larsson; I. Kjellmer
1997 Temperature Control in Very Low Birthweight Infants During the First Five Days of Life A. J. Lyon; M. E. Pikaar; P. Badger; N. McIntosh
1997 Computer Classification of State in Healthy Preterm Neonates Mark S. Scher; S. George Dokianakis; Doris A. Steppe; David L. Banks; Robert J. Sclabassi
1997 Spectral analysis of heart rate fluctuations and optimum thermal management for low birth weight infants S. Davidson; N. Reina; O. Shefi; U. Hai-Tov; S. Akselrod
November, 1996 A Real Time Patient Monitoring System on the World Wide Web Kang Wang, PhD; Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD; Karen L. Bradshaw, BS; James Fackler, MD
Sept./Oct. 1996 Remote Analysis of Physiological Data from Neurosurgical ICU Patients Veleriy Nenov, PhD; John Klopp
August 1996 Improved monitoring of preterm infants by Fuzzy Logic Wolf M. Keel M. von Siebenthal K. Bucher HU. Geering K. Lehareinger Y. Niederer P.
Jan. 1996 Computer classification of sleep in preterm and full-term neonates at similar postconceptional term ages M. S. Scher; S. G. Dokianakis; M. Sun; D. A. Steppe; R. D. Guthrie; R. J. Sclabassi
Nov./Dec. 1995 Computer-assisted monitoring in the neonatal intensive care unit [German] Merz U, Peschgens T, Budde R, Kretzschmann F, Hornchen H
October, 1995 Apnoea detection: human performance and reliability of a computer algorithm P. M. Macey; R. P. Ford; P. J. Brown; J. Larkin; W. R. Fright; K. L. Garden
May 1995 A computer algorithm for differentiating valid from distorted pulse oximeter waveforms in neonates Adams JA. Inman IM. Abreu SA. Zabaleta IA. Sackner MA.
1995 Continuous Physiological Monitoring: An Integrated System for Use in Neonatal Intensive Care G. L. Hall; P. B. Colditz
May, 1994 Continuous Monitoring of Heart Rate Variability in Preterm Infants V. Prietsch; U. Knoepke; M. Obladen
February 1994 Computerized Cry Analysis in Infants Affected by Severe Protein Energy Malnutrition G. P. Donzelli, G. Rapisardi, M. Moroni, S. Zani, B. Tomasini, A. Ismaelli, P. Bruscaglioni
1994 Comparison of Communication Protocols in Medical Information Exchange Standards Yasser Alsafadi; Olivia R. Liu Shen; and Ralph Martinez
1994 A New, Robust Vocal Fundamental Frequency (F0) Determination Method for the Analysis of Infant Cries M. Petroni; A. S. Malowany; C. C. Johnston; B. J. Stevens
1994 A Vital Sign Monitoring System for a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit J. Kairouz; A. Lam; A. S. Malowany; F. A. Carnevale; R. D Gottesman
1994 Design and Development of a Multi-Channel Signal Acquisition System for Recording and Apnea Waveform Database Michael K. Leverich; Jeffrey L. Silberberg; Sandy Weininger
Jan. 1993 Fast-Response Whole Body Indirect Calorimeters for Infants J. K. Moon; C. L. Jensen; N. F. Butte
December, 1992 A Computerized Automatic Exposure Device for Chest Radiography in Infants Tetsurow Umezawa, MD; Yasushi Suganuma, MD; Kikuo Kowada; Yasushi Matsuki, MD; Takatoshi Kitamura, MD
1992 Neonatal physiological trend monitoring by computer S. Cunningham; S. Deere; R. A. Elton; N. McIntosh
November 1991 Real-Time Data Fusion in the Intensive Care Unit Michael Factor, David H. Gelernter, Craig E. Kolb, Perry L. Miller, Dean F. Sittig
1990 A Computer-Based Behavior Monitoring System for Low-Birth-Weight Infants under Intensive Care A. Yoshida, Y. Chiba, M. Murakami, T. Hasegawa, N. Itoigawa
Nov. 1989 MARY - a computerised neonatal cot monitoring system N. McIntosh; D. A. Ducker; C. A. Bass
October 1989 The P1073 Medical Information Bus David F. Franklin and David V. Ostler
Jan/Feb 1989 Design of a Data-Acquisition System for Monitoring Sleep Organization in Preterm Infants Budimir S. Drakulic, PhD; James A. Garbanati, PhD; and Michael N. Gold, PhD
1989 Standardized acquisition of bedside data: The IEEE P1073 medical information bus M. Michael Shabot, MD
1989 Medical information bus: The key to future integrated monitoring (Editorial) Reed M. Gardner; Hasan Tariq; William L. Hawley; Thomas D. East
November 1988 Neonatal Apnea: Diagnosis by Nurse Versus Computer Sarah C. Muttit, MD, FRCPC; Neil N. Finer, MD, FRCP; Anne J. Tierney, MB, BCh, FRCPC; and James Rossmann
1987 Infant's Apnea, Bradycardia, and Tachycardia Monitor Based on the Z-80 Microprocessor Shanghow Liu and Edward M. O'Brien
1986 Cotside EEG Monitoring Using Computerised Spectral Analysis SS Aziz, SJ Wallace, JF Murphy, CPQ Sainsbury, and OP Gray
1986 Computerized Management of Intensive Care Patients Reed M. Gardner, PhD
1986 A Microcomputer System for Monitoring Ventilation in Neonates John Brennan; Karl Schulze; L. Stanley James
1985 On the Clinical Indices of Energy Expenditure in Low-Birth-Weight Infants: A Computerized System for Measuring the Effect of Nursing Care Activities M. Roncoli, RN, PhD; D. Brotten, RN, PhD; M. Delivoria-Papadopolous, MD
March 1985 The 'Dynamic Transcutaneous PO2 Histogram' or How to Deal with Immense Quantities of Monitorig Data F. Fallenstein, H.U. Bucher, R. Huch, and A. Huch
March/April 1985 A microcomputer monitoring and data acquisition system for intensive care units G. K. Diprose; D. H. Evans; and M. I. Levene
March 1985 Equipment for microcomputer-controlled measurement in the evaluation of respiratory mechanical parameters in premature and newborn infants. [German] H. J. Maedler, B. Gehrhardt, P. Schaller, B. Boehme, A. Schulze, D. Dmyrek
1985 Analysis of neonatal heart rate variability by a microprocessor-based on-line system V. Kariniemi; L. Rovamo; and M. Pohjavuori
March/April, 1984 Computerized Transcutaneous Monitoring Incorporating Laser Doppler Velocimetry David J. Harry, PhD; and Margaret A. Kenny, PhD
November, 1983 A computer-generated blood gas display in a newborn intensive care unit Marcus C. Hermansen, MD; Paul H. Perlstein, MD; Harry D. Atherton, MS; Neil K. Edwards, MS
November, 1983 Instrumentation for the continuous measurement of gas exchange and ventilation of infants during assisted ventilation Karl Schulze, MD; Mark Stefanski, BA; Julia Masterson, BA; L. Stanley James, MD
August, 1983 Direct Computer Recording of Premature Infants and Nursery Care: Distress Following Two Interventions Peter A. Gorski, MD; William T. Hole, MD; Carol H. Leonard, PhD; and John A. Martin, MD
1983 Microcomputer Evaluation of Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity Studies in the Neonate James A. Menke, Mohammed Bashiru, Henrietta S. Bada, Thomas G. Menten, Narinder N. Khanna, and Carlos Chua
March, 1983 CO2 Responses in Infants: On-Line Display and Analysis Using a Microcomputer and Waveform Analyzer Michael Coleman, MD; Terrance Kapsen, BS; Margeret Gordon, RRT; Stephen Boros, MD
Feb. 1983 A Microcomputer-Based Heart Rate Variability Monitor S. J. Cahill and G. McClure
1983 A cotside microcomputer monitoring system for use in the neonatal intensive care unit R. E. Dugdale and G. T. Lealman
1983 Oxygen Consumption in Premature Infants in an Incubator of Proven Clinical Efficiency Michael H. LeBlanc
1983 A Computer Analysis of Infant Movements Synchronized with Adult Speech Tadaaki Kato; Etsujiro Takahashi; Keiji Sawada; Noboru Kobayashi; Tomio Watanabe; Takemochi Ishii
1983 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A Digital Computer-based Apnoea Monitor S. Laxminarayan; O. Mills; L. Michelson; A. C. Cornwell; A. Marmarou; E. F. Costigan Jr.; E. D. Weitzman
1983 Microprocessor-Based Long Term Cardiorespirography II. Status Evaluation in Term and Premature Newborns H. Hoernchen; R. Betz; F. Kotlarek; R. Roebruck
1982 A Microcomputer-Based Data Acquisition System for Physiologic Studies of the Newborn Gregory P. Heldt, Ralph C. Targett, and Malcolm B. McIlroy
1982 Real-Time Analysis of Patient Data John P. Bahr and John P. Grausz
1982 Using Neonatal Data: Signal Processing and Statistical Models Daniel P. Lindstrom, Jorge Rojas, and Robert B. Cotton
1982 Computer Systems for Facilitating Management of the Critically Ill Fred Wiener, Max Harry Weil, Richard W. Carson
April/June, 1981 Computer-Assisted Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitoring David J. Harry, PhD; Gary Graham, PhD; Brian Davison, MT; and Margaret Kenny, PhD
May, 1981 Microcomputer Assistance in Clinical Monitoring of Intracranial Pressure R. Allen
July, 1980 New Concepts for a Microprocessor-Oriented Long-Term Intelligent Monitoring of Newborns Christian P. A. Vasseur; Michel C. Couvreur; jean-Marc Toulotte; Olivier Dubois
1979 Automatic Recognition of Significant Events in the Vital Signs of Neonatal Infants AM Freedman, OP Buneman, G Peckham, and A Trattner
1979 Behavioral States and State Related Heart Rate and Motor Activity Patterns in the Newborn Infant and the Fetus Ante Partum. II. Computer Analysis of State Related Heart Rate Baseline and Macrofluctuation Patterns H. D. Junge
July, 1978 The Bedside Computer in the Intensive Care Nursery Robert C. A. Goff, MD
1978 Computer system for recording and display of data from newborn infants with respiratory illnesses L. P. Allen; J. S. Clifton; D. Ingram; P. N. le Souef; E. O. R. Reynolds; and P. D. Wimberley
June, 1977 Computer interpreted fetal monitoring data Lawrence Chik, PhD; Robert J. Sokol, MD; Mortimer G. Rosen, MD; Gary A. Regula, PhD; Agneta D. Borgstedt, MD
April 1976 Computer Assisted Newborn Intensive Care Paul H. Perlstein, MD, Neil K. Edwards, MS, Harry D. Atherton, MS, James M. Sutherland, MD
February 15, 1974 On-Line Diagnosis of Ominous Fetal Heart Rate Patterns: A Warning Device Sze-Ya Yeh, MD; Jiri Jilek, BS; Edward H. Hon, MD
December 1, 1972 Computer Diagnosis of Fetal Heart Rate Patterns S. Y. Yeh, MD; L. Betyar, MS; E. H. Hon, MD
1972 Continuous Patient Monitoring with a Small Digital Computer F. John Lewis; Steven Deller; Michael Quinn; Benjamin Lee; Raymond Will; and John Raines
1972 Using a Dedicated Small Computer in Conjunction with a Time-Shared System in a Hospital [Neonatal and Pediatric] Intensive Care Unit Fred L. Farr; Justin S. Clark, PhD; Reed M. Gardner, PhD; and L. George Veasy, MD
1972 A Simple Heart Rate Monitor for Normal Newborn Infants E. A. Parrish, Jr.; and V. K. Huang
December, 1971 A new system for computerized automated blood gas analysis L. George Veasy, MD; Justin S. Clark, PhD; A. Larry Jung, MD; Jarrel L. Jenkins; and Conrad B. Jenson, MD, PhD
July, 1971 A System for Computerized Automated Blood Gas Analaysis: Its Use in Newborn Infants with Respiratory Distress L. George Veasy, MD; Justin S. Clark, PhD; Larry Jung, MD; and Jarrell L. Jenkins
July 1971 Quantitative computer analysis of cardiac and respiratory activity in newborn infants P. A. Tarlo, I. Valimaki, and P. M. Rautaharju
June, 1971 Computer Monitoring of Cardiodynamics in the Newborn William H. Weintraub, Bart S. Cuderman, Carl E. Hunt, William M. Stauffer, Stacy A. Roback, and Arnold S. Leonard
1971 Automated PO2, PCO2 and pH Monitoring of Infants Justin S. Clark, L. George Veasy, A. Larry Jung, and Jarrell L. Jenkins
1971 Heart Rate Variation in Full-Term Newborn Infants: I. Use of a Small, Special-Purpose Computer I. Valimaki
December, 1968 Measurement and Monitoring of Acutely Ill Patients by Digital Computer John J. Osborn; James O. Beaumont; John C. A. Raison; Jerome Russell; Frank Gerbode
October, 1966 Analysis of Respiration by an On-Line Digital Computer System F. John Lewis, MD; Takeshi Shimizu, MD; Agnes L. Scofield, RN; Peter S. Rosi, MD

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