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Citations by Category - Internet and World-Wide-Web

Pub. Date Title Author(s)
Feb. 2011 Secure Web Messaging in a Pediatric Chronic Care Clinic: A Slow Takeoff of "Kids' Airmail" Allen L. Hsiao, MD, Alia Bazzy-Asaad, MD, Concettina Tolomeo, APRN, AE-C, Diana Edmonds, AAS, Beverly Belton, RN, MSN, NE-BC, Andrea L. Benin, MDa
7/1/2009 The Use of Internet-Based Technology to Tailor Well-Child Care Encounters David Aaron Bergman, MD, Arne Beck, PhD and Alanna Kulchak Rahm, MS
October 2007 Patient-Physician E-mail: An Opportunity to Transform Pediatric Health Care Delivery Paul Rosen, MD, MPH, MMM and C. Kent Kwoh, MD
April 2007 Pediatrics on the Web: 10 Years of Innovation and Discovery Michael T. Clarke
March 2007 Internet-Based Home Monitoring and Education of Children With Asthma Is Comparable to Ideal Office-Based Care: Results of a 1-Year Asthma In-Home Monitoring Trial Debora S. Chan, Charles W. Callahan, Virginia B. Hatch-Pigott, Annette Lawless, H. Lorraine Proffitt, Nola E. Manning, Mary Schweikert, and Francis J. Malone
January, 2007 The Use of the World Wide Web by Medical Journals in 2003 and 2005: An Observational Study David L. Schriger, MD, MPH Sripha Ouk, MD, MPH and Douglas G. Altman, DSc
Sept. 2006 Improving Pediatric Prevention via the Internet: A Randomized, Controlled Trial Dimitri A. Christakis, MD, MPH, Frederick J. Zimmerman, PhD, Frederick P. Rivara, MD, MPH, Beth Ebel, MD, MPH, MSc
May 2006 Internet health information use and e-mail access by parents attending a paediatric emergency department. Goldman RD, MacPherson A
April 2006 Digital divide and digital dividend in the age of information technology D Vidyasagar
Nov. 2005 A Medicaid eHealth Program: An Analysis of Benefits to Users and Nonusers Charles Safran, MD, Grace Pompilio-Weitzner, RN, Kathryn D. Emery MD, Louis Hampers, MD, MBA
Nov. 2005 Using the Internet to Provide Information Prescriptions Lee M. Ritterband, PhD, Stephen Borowitz, MD, Daniel J. Cox, PhD, Boris Kovatchev, PhD, Lynn S. Walker, PhD, Vanessa Lucas, MA and James Sutphen, MD, PhD
May 2005 A content analysis of e-mail communication between primary care providers and parents Anand SG, Feldman MJ, Geller DS, Bisbee A, Bauchner H
Sept. 2004 The Internet -- A New Medical Problem or Invaluable Ally? Alan R. Spitzer
July 2004 E-mail Communication Between Pediatricians and Their Patients Robert S. Gerstle, MD and the Task Force on Medical Informatics
7/1/2004 Open Sesame: Increasing Access to Medical Literature Michael T. Clarke
Jan. 2004 An Evaluation of Information-Seeking Behaviors of General Pediatricians Donna M. D’Alessandro, MD, Clarence D. Kreiter, PhD and Michael W. Peterson, MD
July/August 2003 Internet use and perceptions of information reliability by parents in a neonatal intensive care unit. Amrit S Dhillon MRCP(UK), MSc, Susan G Albersheim MD, FRCPC, Sulaiman Alsaad MD, Nisha S Pargass MRCPUK and John A F Zupancic MD, ScD
7/1/2003 Know Thy Source: Medical Information on the Internet Christoph U.Lehmann, Anusha H. Hemachandra
May 2002 Parent and Physician Attitudes Regarding Electronic Communication in Pediatric Practices Katie D. Kleiner, BA, Rachel Akers, MPH, Bonnie L. Burke, MS and Eric J. Werner, MD
May 2002 "You’ve Got Mail": Issues in Communicating With Patients and Their Families by E-Mail Howard Bauchner, William Adams, and Helen Burstin
March 2002 Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right: Harm Aggravated by Inaccurate Information on the Internet AG Crocco, M Villasis-Keever, AR Jadad
November 2001 Five Years of Experience with a World-Wide-Web-Based Job Directory for Neonatal-Perinatal Health Care Duncan, RG
Jan/Feb 2001 The Changing Face of Medicine: Health Care on the Internet John J Paris, Jeffrey Ferranti
June 2000 Information Retrieval on the Web Mei Kobayashi and Koichi Takeda
June 2000 (E74) A proposed solution for addressing the challenge of patient cries for help through an analysis of unsolicited electronic mail D'Alessandro DM, D'Alessandro MP, Colbert SI
March 22/29, 2000 Guidelines for Medical and Health Information Sites on the Internet A. Winker, A. Flanagin, B Chi-Lum, J White, K Andrews, R Kennett, C DeAngelis, R Musacchio
Nov. 1999 WWW-Based Applications for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Charles Y. Hu and Raymond G. Duncan
Nov. 1999 Improving Usage of Pediatric Information on the Internet: The Virtual Children's Hospital Donna M. D'Alessandro and Clarence D. Kreiter
Oct./Nov. 1999 Neonatal Myiasis: A Case Report and a Role of the Internet T. H. H. G. Koh
Sept. 1999 WWW-Based Applications for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Charles Hu and Ray Duncan
March, 1999 "A world of knowledge at your fingertips": the promise, reality, and future directions of on-line information retrieval. Hersh, William
Jan/Feb 1999 Internet technology: resources for perinatal nurses Drake E
October 21, 1998 Canopy computing: using the Web in clinical practice McDonald CJ, Overhage JM, Dexter PR, Blevins L, Meeks-Johnson J, Suico JG, Tucker MC, Schadow G
July, 1998 Pediatrics Electronic Pages: Looking Back and Looking Ahead Kent Anderson and Jerold F. Lucey, MD
June 1998 Fact sheets on the Web: a case study of the on-line dissemination of information on the anti-infective properties of breast milk Inglis A, May J, Lighton C
April, 1998 Patient Informatics: Creating New Partnerships in Medical Decision Making Shelley A. Bader, EdD, and Robert M. Braude, PhD
March, 1998 Supplement Guide to the Internet Horton, McConnell, Delamothe, Wallace, Bingham, Ashraf
Jan/Feb 1998 Guidelines for the Clinical Use of Electronic Mail with Patients Beverley Kane, MD, and Daniel Z. Sands, MD, MPH, and the AMIA Internet Working Group Task Force on Guidelines for the Use of Clinic-Patient Electronic Mail
Jan.-Mar. 1998 Utilization of a Paediatric Link Collection by Health Professionals and Laypersons C. U. Lehmann; D. J. Wang; G. R. Kim; K. Johnson
August, 1997 Comparative Analysis of Pediatric Mailing Lists on the Internet Angel A. Hernandez-Borges; Luis G. Pareras; Alejandro Jiminez
August, 1997 Using the Internet to Improve Knowledge Diffusion in Medicine William M. Detmer and Edward H. Shortliffe
July/Aug 1997 Beyond the Superhighway: Exploiting the Internet with Medical Informatics James J. Cimino
June 1997 Pediatric Internet Resources: creation and growth of the PEDINFO index James R. Roberts; S. Andrew Spooner
April 1997 Pediatric surgeons on the Internet: a multi-institutional experience Wulkan ML, Smith SD, Whalen TV, Hardin WD Jr.
Jan. 17, 1997 Information Retrieval in Digital Libraries: Bringing Search to the Net Bruce R. Schatz
January 8, 1997 Internet Anatomy 101: Accessing Information on the World-Wide-Web Robert Sikorski, MD, PhD; Richard Peters, MD, PhD
1997 The Internet and Randomised Controlled Trials M. A. Kelly and J. Oldham
December, 1996 The Pediatric Internet S. Andrew Spooner, MD
December, 1996 Pediatrics Electronic Pages (Commentary) Jeffrey D. Horbar and John Sack
November, 1996 WWW-Based Interfaces to Clinical Information Systems: The State of the Art Dean F. Sittig, PhD; Gilad J. Kuperman, MD, PhD; Jonathan M. Teich, MD, PhD
November, 1996 Clinical Subspecialty Resources on the World-Wide-Web Ray Duncan
November, 1996 Just Tell Me What You Want!: The Promise and Perils of Rapid Prototyping with the World-Wide-Web James J. Cimino, MD, and Socrates A. Socratous
November, 1996 Evaluation of EMAIL Discussion Groups for Practioners of Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Carl G. M. Weigle; Mary B. Zollo; Peter Tarczy-Hornoch
September, 1996 Internet Listservers and Pediatrics: Newly Emerging Legal and Clinical Practice Issues II (Commentary) Kenneth A. De Ville, PhD, JD
Sept./Oct. 1996 Java and Its Future in Biomedical Computing R. P. C. Rodgers, MD
September, 1996 Neonatology On-Line Ray Duncan, MD
August, 1996 Java and the Shift to Net-Centric Computing Marc A. Hamilton
August, 1996 Java, the Web, and Software Development Edward Yourdon
July, 1996 The Commerce of Ideas: Internets and Intranets Mark E. Frisse, MD
July/August, 1996 CliniWeb: Managing Clinical Information on the World-Wide-Web William R. Hersh, MD; Kevin E. Brown, BS; Larry C. Donohoe, MLIS; Emily M. Campbell, MS; Ashley E. Horacek, MD
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March, 1996 NICU-Net: An Electronic Forum for Neonatology (Commentary) Peter Tarczy-Hornoch, MD
February, 1996 Neonatology On-Line Peter Tarczy-Hornoch, MD
January/February 1996 The World Wide Web: A Review of an Emerging Internet-based Technology for the Distribution of Biomedical Information Henry J. Lowe, MD, Edward C. Lomax, MLS, Stacey E. Polonkey
October, 1995 On-line resources for pediatricians S. A. Spooner
September/October 1995 Internet as Clinical Information System: Application Development using the World Wide Web James J. Cimino, MD, Socrates A. Socratous, Paul D. Clayton, PhD
July 15, 1995 Internet-Based Medical Information: Time to Take Charge (Editorial) Joel W. Goldwein, MD; and Ivor Benjamin, MD
July 15, 1995 Medical Resources on the Internet Jerry V. Glowniak, MD
April, 1995 The Organization of the Digital Library Robert M. Braude, MD; Valerie Florance, PhD; Mark Frisse, MD; and Sherrilynne Fuller, PhD
1995 A Guide to Mosaic and the World Wide Web for Physicians W. Paul McKinney, MD, James M. Wagner, MD, Glenn Bunton, MS, and Lynne M. Kirk, MD
1995 Exploring the Internet Julian Zelingher, MD
January, 1995 Informatics and Medical Libraries: Changing Needs and Changing Roles Mark E. Frisse, MD; Robert M. Braude, PhD; Valerie Florance, PhD; and Sherrilynne Fuller, PhD
1995 Accessing Pediatric Electronic Medical Record Systems via the World Wide Web I. S. Kohane; P. Greenspun; J. Fackler; and P. Szolovits
October 1994 Mosaic and the World-Wide-Web Ronald J. Vetter, Chris Spell, and Charles Ward
August 12, 1994 NCSA Mosaic and the World-Wide-Web: Global Hypermedia Protocols for the Internet Bruce R. Schatz and Joseph B. Hardin
August 1994 The World-Wide-Web Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Cailliau, Ari Luotonen, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, and Arthur Secret
June 22/29, 1994 Computers Networks as a Medical Resource: Accessing and Using the Internet Jerry V. Glowniak, MD, and Marilyn K. Bushway
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April 1994 Academic Networks: Mosaic and the World-Wide-Web Edward S. Metcalfe, Mark E. Frisse, MD, Scott W. Hassan, and John L. Schnase, PhD
1994 Global Information Infrastructure Donald A. B. Lindberg
January, 1994 An Internet Primer -- Resources and Responsibilities Mark E. Frisse, MD; Elizabeth A. Kelly, MLS; Edward S. Metcalfe
1993 Medical Uses of the Internet Paul Kleeberg

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