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Citations by Category - Closed-Loop Control

Pub. Date Title Author(s)
Nov. 2009 Automated adjustment of inspired oxygen in preterm infants with frequent fluctuations in oxygenation: a pilot clinical trial. Claure N, D'Ugard C, Bancalari E.
February 2009 Automated respiratory support in newborn infants. Claure N, Bancalari E.
Dec. 2007 Automated regulation of inspired oxygen in preterm infants: oxygenation stability and clinician workload. Claure N.
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Nov. 2003 Weaning Infants with Respiratory Syncytial Virus from Mechanical Ventilation through a Fuzzy-Logic Controller S. Olliver MD, G.M. Davis MB ChB, G.E. Hatzakis PhD
Jan-Feb. 2003 Vibrotactile stimulation system to treat apnea of prematurity Pichardo R, Adam JS, Rosow E, Bronzino J, Eisenfeld L.
May, 2001 Closed-Loop Controlled Inspired Oxygen Concentration for Mechanically Ventilated Very Low Birth Weight Infants With Frequent Episodes of Hypoxemia Nelson Claure, Tilo Gerhardt, Ruth Everett, Gabriel Musante, Carmen Herrera, and Eduardo Bancalari
April, 2000 Clinical evaluation of a computer-controlled pressure support mode. Dojat M. Harf A. Touchard D. Lemaire F. Brochard L.
August 1999 Automatic control of pressure support mechanical ventilation using fuzzy logic Nemoto T. Hatzakis GE. Thorpe CW. Olivenstein R. Dial S. Bates JH.
March/April 1998 Improving Instrumentation for Hospital Care of Neonates in Hungary: A System to Help Reduce the Rate of Perinatal Mortality M. Blasovsky and T. Machay
January, 1998 Dynamic Programming Approach for Newborn's Incubator Humidity Control Djaaffar Bouattoura, Pierre Villon, and Gilbert Farges
Dec. 1997 Computer-controlled minute ventilation in preterm infants undergoing mechanical ventilation Nelson Claure; Tilo Gerhardt; Helmut Hummler; Ruth Everett; Eduardo Bancalari
Nov. 1997 Computer-assisted adjustment of inspired oxygen concentration improves control of oxygen saturation in newborn infants requiring mechanical ventilation. Yao Sun; Isaac S. Kohane; Ann R. Stark
Oct. 1997 NeoGanesh: a working system for the automated control of assisted ventilation in ICUs. Dojat M. Pachet F. Guessoum Z. Touchard D. Harf A. Brochard L.
March 1995 A computerized control system for cardiopulmonary bypass T. Beppu; Y. Imai; Y. Fukui
July-August, 1994 Computerized Temperature Control of the Low-Birth-Weight Infant: A 20-Year Retrospective and Future Prospects. H. D. Atherton; S. Dollberg; M. M. Donnelly; P. H. Perlstein; S. B. Hoath
Feb. 1994 Automatic selection of tidal volume, respiratory frequency and minute ventilation in intubated ICU patients as start up procedure for closed-loop controlled ventilation Laubscher TP. Frutiger A. Fanconi S. Jutzi H. Brunner JX
1994 Pharmacodynamics of Mivacurium in Infants O.A. Meretoja, T. Taivainen, K. Wirtavuori
1994 Neonatal workstation for inspired oxygen control and monitoring Y. Sun and I. Kohane
Dec. 1992 A knowledge-based system for assisted ventilation of patients in intensive care units. Dojat M. Brochard L. Lemaire F. Harf A.
Oct. 1992 Microcomputer-based automatic regulation of extracorporeal circulation: a trial for the application of fuzzy inference Anbe J, Tobi T, Nakajima H, Akasaka T, Okinaga K
Oct. 1992 Adaptive control of inspired oxygen delivery to the neonate Bhutani VK, Taube JC, Antunes MJ, Delivoria-Papadopoulos M
March/April 1992 Closed-Loop Control of SaO2 in the Neonate Paul E. Morozoff and Ron W. Evans
April 1991 Computerized Continuous Infusion of Intravenous Anesthetic Drugs During Pediatric Cardiac Surgery F. H. Kern, R. M. Ungerleider, J. R. Jacobs, J. L. Boyd, J. G. Reves, D. Goodman, W. J. Greeley
Sept. 1986 Computer-controlled optimization of positive end-expiratory pressure East TD. Andriano KP. Pace NL
1986 Automating Patient Care with Closed-Loop Control Dwayne R. Westenkow, PhD
1985 Incubator Temperature Control - Effects on the Very Low Birthweight Infant D. A. Ducker; A. J. Lyon; R. Ross Russell; C. A. Bass; and N. McIntosh
1982 Computer-Assisted Environmental Control for Newborns Paul H. Perlstein, Neil K. Edwards, Harry D. Atherton, Marcus C. Hermansen
1982 Computer Controlled Extracorporeal Circulation (ECC) with Pulsatile Perfusion for an Infant Y. Fukui; K. Tsuchiya; and Y. Imai
July, 1981 Using Computers in Newborn Intensive Care Settings Ann Slone Endo
July, 1979 Apparatus for the servocontrol of arterial oxygen tension in preterm infants P. Collins; N. M. Levy; I. R. Beddis; S. Godfrey; M. Silverman
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1979 Hypertensive crisis managed by computer-controlled infusion of sodium nitroprusside: a model for the closed-loop administration of short-acting vasoactive agents Jeremy J. Hammond; Walter M. Kirkendall; Richard V. Calfee
August, 1977 Use of a microprocessor in the control of malignant hypertension with sodium nitroprusside R. V. Jackson; J. B. Love; W. G. Parkin; M. L. Wahlqvist; N. S. Williams
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October 1968 Automated treatment of critically ill patients following operation Louis C. Sheppard; Nicholas T. Kouchoukos; Mary Alta Kurtts; John W. Kirklin

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