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Title Computerized Continuous Infusion of Intravenous Anesthetic Drugs During Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Author(s) F. H. Kern, R. M. Ungerleider, J. R. Jacobs, J. L. Boyd, J. G. Reves, D. Goodman, W. J. Greeley
Source Anesth. Analg., Vol. 72, No. 4, Pages 487-492
Publication Date April 1991
Abstract We evaluated the efficacy of a computer-assisted continuous infusion device (CACI) using a two-drug infusion of midazolam and sufentanil as an anesthetic technique during pediatric cardiac surgery. Seventeen pediatric patients were anesthetized with CACI using age-appropriate pharmacokinetic models for administering sufentanil and midazolam. Predicted CACI plasma concentrations were correlated with assayed plasma drug concentrations at eight predefined intervals. The accuracy was assessed using median absolute prediction error. We found that plasma levels predicted by CACI provided a reasonable approximation of measured plasma concentrations for both drugs. The median absolute prediction error for sufentanil during cardiopulmonary bypass was compared with measurements made off of cardiopulmonary bypass (both pre and post cardiopulmonary bypass) and were 49% and 32%, respectively, and for midazolam 44% and 32%, respectively. We conclude that (a) current kinetic models provide a reasonable estimate of plasma drug concentrations, and (b) the ease of administration and targeted plasma level provided by the CACI system is an alternative to inhalation anesthesia using calibrated vaporizers.

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