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Title A Computerized Aid in Ventilating Neonates
Author(s) M. Arroe
Source Comput. Biol. Med., Vol. 21, Pages 15-21
Publication Date 1991
Abstract A computer program for ventilating neonates using a volume controlled ventilator is presented. The program proposes directions for changes of ventilator settings decided from the actual arterial blood gas samples and ventilator settings. The program deals with up to six babies at the same time and contains a continuous evaluation of the last six values of pCO2 and pO2 resulting in statements and warnings in potentially harmful situations. The program is consistent with the written instructions of the department. The ventilator treatment of 30 premature babies is evaluated retrospectively using the program, showing a total agreement of 37.5%, lowest among the babies who died in respiratory insufficiency. The advantage of the use of the program is discussed.

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