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Title Using Personal Health Records to Improve the Quality of Health Care for Children
Author(s) AAP Council on Information Technology
Source Pediatrics, Vol. 124, No. 1, Pages 403-409
Publication Date July 1, 2009
Abstract A personal health record (PHR) is a repository of information from multiple contributors (eg, patient, family, guardians, physicians, and other health care professionals) regarding the health of an individual. The development of electronic PHRs presents new opportunities and challenges to the practice of pediatrics. This policy statement provides recommendations for actions that pediatricians can take to support the development and use of PHRs for children.

Pediatric health care professionals must become actively involved in developing and adopting PHRs and PHR systems. The American Academy of Pediatrics supports development of:

* educational programs for families and clinicians on effective and efficient use of PHRs;

* incentives to facilitate PHR use and maintenance; and

* child- and adolescent-friendly standards for PHR content, portability, security, and privacy.

Properly designed PHR systems for pediatric care can empower patients. PHRs can improve access to health information, improve coordination of preventive health and health maintenance activities, and support emergency and disaster management activities. PHRs provide support for the medical home for all children, including those with special health care needs and those in foster care. PHRs can also provide information to serve as the basis for pediatric quality improvement efforts.

For PHRs to be adopted sufficiently to realize these benefits, we must determine how best to support their development and adoption. Privacy and security issues, especially with regard to children and adolescents, must be addressed.

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