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Title Perspectives on Medical Outsourcing and Telemedicine Rough Edges in a Flat World?
Author(s) Sanjiv N. Singh and Robert M. Wachter
Source NEJM, Vol. 358, No. 15, Pages 1622-1627
Publication Date 4/10/2008
Abstract Low-cost labor, time zone differences, and telecommunication advances have "flattened" the world of business and services1; however, health care has been relatively insulated from these world-flattening forces until recently. In particular, the fundamental physicality of medicine the need to examine a patient or look at a chart or radiograph prohibited the remote outsourcing that was possible in manufacturing or call centers.2 However, digitized health care now permits the outsourcing of a range of medical services, from clinical diagnostics to direct care. Although outsourcing of any type triggers predictable worries,3 outsourcing of health care raises special issues. Health . . .

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