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Title A Case-Based Learning Approach to Grouping Cases with Multiple Malformations
Author(s) Carl D. Evans and Robin M. Winter
Source M.D. Computing, Vol. 12, No. 2, Pages 127-136
Publication Date 1995
Abstract Patients and physicians would benefit froma comprehensive centralized database that included many thousands of cases and covered a wide geographic area. A case-based model such as the one described here could provide the design for such a system. This article describes a case-based model designed to assist in identification and retrospective analysis of rare types of syndromes that have proved difficult to diagnose. The primary task of diagnosis is complemented by a learning, or grouping, task. Using data sets of diagnosed cases in related categories of syndromes, we demonstrate how a case-based learning algorithm can extend the retrieval and indexing mechanisms of standard databases to provide a focus for analysis of syndrome classifications.

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