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Title Evaluation of a Neonatal Growth Curve Designed for an Electronic Health Record.
Author(s) Peter J. Porcelli, S. Trent Rosenbloom
Source AMIA 2006 Symposium Proceeings, Pages 1066-1066
ISBN 0-9647749-0-5
Publisher American Medical Informatics Association
Publication Date November 11, 2006
Abstract Developing accurate reference values to evaluate postnatal weight changes in the smallest, most preterm infants remains a challenge for clinical investigators. While survival of extremely preterm infants continues to improve, greater prematurity can increase the severity and variability of clinical disease, leading to the difficulty of identifying norms for this group. Reliable growth curves can provide decision support to assist clinician management of early salt and fluid postnatal adjustments, and to assess nutriture efficacy on growth during the later ‘feeding and growing’ recovery stage. Rosenbloom [JAMIA 2006;13:302-8] recently developed for electronic health record (EHR) systems a postnatal growth equation that accounted for early postnatal fluid losses, and then ‘realigns’ the infants’ growth velocity during the recovery stage based on a combination of the gold standard intrauterine growth rate and clinical data collected from 'healthy' preterm infants at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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