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Title Of Lobsters, Electronic Medical Records, and Neonatal Total Parenteral Nutrition
Author(s) Dennis T. Costakos, MD, FAAP
Source Pediatrics, Vol. 117, No. 2, Pages 328-332
Publication Date Feb. 2006
Abstract At the Mayo Health System in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, there are > 1000 infant total parenteral nutrition (TPN) orders placed per year. It is the most complicated order that the pharmacy fills, so a recent peer-review article in Pediatrics moved a group of us to action at our center to buy or develop a TPN calculator. We did this because no stand-alone commercial calculators were available to us, and expensive electronic medical records typically do not include TPN calculators for neonatal patients. The new software includes decision support, and the orders are consistently legible. The physician performs fewer calculations, and there are no mathematical errors. This article examines the broader significance of providers having to write their own TPN software.


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