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Title The Introduction of Computerized Physician Order Entry and Change Management in a Tertiary Pediatric Hospital
Author(s) Jeffrey S. Upperman, MD, Patricia Staley, BA, Kerri Friend, BA, Jocelyn Benes, RN, Jacque Dailey, RN, William Neches, MD and Eugene S. Wiener, MD
Source Pediatrics, Vol. 116, No. 5, Pages 634-642
Publication Date Nov. 2005
Abstract Objectives. The objectives of this review were to document the introduction of computerized physician order entry (CPOE)-centered changes in an academic tertiary care center and to review the CPOE-focused literature. Design. We performed a systematic literature review of CPOE-related articles indexed on Medline, with particular emphasis on pediatric applications. We focused our commentary around the concepts involved in the implementation process at a tertiary pediatric hospital. Results. In 2001, the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (CHP) embarked on the process of CPOE design and implementation. We determined that CPOE is a tool for improving pediatric care. The CPOE implementation process is more than a technologic change; it involves an organizational cultural transformation. Although the complete transition to CPOE was little more than 1 year ago, CHP has overcome the typical obstacles of CPOE implementation to begin to realize its many benefits. The early success of CHP was achieved by creating a realistic, positive, work environment, which fostered hospital-wide participation and integration. Conclusion. CPOE is an invaluable resource for supporting patient safety in health care settings. The successful implementation of CPOE requires a paradigm shift in hospital policies and processes.

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