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Title Telemedicine approach to screening for severe retinopathy of prematurity: a pilot study.
Author(s) Ells AL, Holmes JM, Astle WF, Williams G, Leske DA, Fielden M, Uphill B, Jennett P, Hebert M.
Source Ophthalmology, Vol. 110, No. 11, Pages 2113-2117
Publication Date Nov. 2003
Abstract PURPOSE: To evaluate the use of remote reading of digital retinal photographs in the diagnosis of severe (referral-warranted) retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) during longitudinal screening for ROP. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective, longitudinal cohort study. SUBJECTS: Forty-four consecutive premature infants at risk for ROP. METHODS: All infants were examined longitudinally, over a series of examinations, by indirect ophthalmoscopy (gold standard) and digital photography using the RetCam-120 Digital Retinal Camera (Massie Research Laboratories Inc., Dublin, CA) equipped with an ROP lens. Images were stored and read remotely by a masked reader. Referral-warranted ROP was defined as ROP in zone 1, the presence of plus disease or the presence of any stage 3 ROP. We determined whether and when referral-warranted ROP was diagnosed for each eye, of each infant, on each examination, during the course of each of the infant's screening. RESULTS: Severe (referral-warranted) ROP was diagnosed in 23 eyes by indirect ophthalmoscopy during their series of examinations. Digital photography had a sensitivity of 100% and a specificity of 96% in detecting referral-warranted ROP. The positive predictive value of digital photography was 92%, and the negative predictive value was 100%. In 87% of eyes, referral-warranted ROP was diagnosed by digital photography before or at the same time as indirect ophthalmoscopy. CONCLUSIONS: Longitudinal remote reading of digital photographs using the RetCam-120 system has excellent specificity and sensitivity in detecting referral-warranted ROP. This pilot study has shown that remote reading of digital photographs has promise for telemedicine strategies in ROP screening.

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