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Title A comparison of face-to-face versus remote assessment of neonatal resuscitation skills.
Author(s) Curran VR, Aziz K, O'Young S, Bessell C, Schulz H.
Source J Telemed Telecare, Vol. 11, No. 2, Pages 97-102
Publication Date 2005
Abstract The neonatal resuscitation skills of 30 third-year medical students were assessed in real time by a face-to-face examiner in the same room as the student, and by a remote examiner located in a separate room using the ANAKIN system. The ANAKIN system combines an instrumented manikin simulator, computer-based assessment and high-bandwidth videoconferencing. The students were assessed while performing a neonatal resuscitation megacode using the ANAKIN system. Students were satisfied with the ANAKIN system as an assessment system and were not intimidated by its use. However, the correlation between the face-to-face and remote examiner's mean total performance assessment scores was 0.27, which was not significant (P=0.14). The results indicated variation between the examiners' performance scores in a number of key technical skill areas. The findings from this study have implications for the use of technology-mediated systems in assessing resuscitation skills. Examiner orientation is critical for individuals using such systems. These persons must be comfortable and confident in using the technology. Interface and design features of the system need to be carefully scrutinized and tested.

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