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Title Evaluation of the effect of a computerized training simulator (ANAKIN) on the retention of neonatal resuscitation skills.
Author(s) Curran VR, Aziz K, O'Young S, Bessell C.
Source Teach Learn Med, Vol. 16, No. 2, Pages 157-164
Publication Date Spring 2004
Abstract BACKGROUND: Neonatal resuscitation knowledge and skills deteriorate after initial training. PURPOSE: To evaluate the effectiveness of a computerized simulator system (ANAKIN) as a means for boosting neonatal resuscitation knowledge, skills, and self-reported confidence beliefs. METHOD: A randomized pretest-posttest control group study design involving 60 3rd-year medical students. At a 4-month, post-training interval, experimental group was exposed to ANAKIN and control group to a training video. Both groups assessed at an 8-month, post-neonatal resuscitation training interval. RESULTS: Knowledge level for both groups decreased significantly at 4- and 8-month, post-training intervals despite booster exposure. Confidence level for both study groups increased significantly following booster exposure. However, no significant difference between study group skill levels at 8 months and no significant relation between neonatal resuscitation knowledge, confidence, or skills. CONCLUSION: Computerized simulator system was as effective as video for maintaining resuscitation skills of medical students, and students were very satisfied with experience of remote computer simulation training.

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