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Title Physician use of electronic medical records: Issues and successes with direct data entry and physician productivity
Author(s) Paul D. Clayton, Scott P. Narus, Watson A. Bowes III, et al
Source AMIA 2005 Symposium Proceedings, Pages 141-145
Publisher Omnipress
Publication Date Nov. 2005
Abstract At Intermountain Health Care, we evaluated whether physicians in an ambulatory setting will voluntarily choose to enter data directly into an electronic health record (EHR). In this paper we describe the benefits of an EHR, as they exist in the current IHC application and the ways in which we have sought to minimize obstacles to physician data entry. Currently, of 472 IHC employed physicians, 321 (68%) routinely enter some data directly into the EHR without coercion. Twenty-five percent (80/321) of the physicians use voice recognition for some data entry. Twelve of our 95 ambulatory clinics have voluntarily adopted measures to eliminate paper charts. Of the 212 physicians who entered data in 2004, sixty-nine physicians (22%) increased their level of data entry, while 12 (6%) decreased. We conclude that physicians will voluntarily adopt an EHR system, and will continue and even increase use after implementation barriers are addressed.

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