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Title The Implementation of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Based Patient Record and Charting System: Lessons Learned
Author(s) Aaron E. Carroll, S. Saluja, P. Tarczy-Hornoch
Source Proceedings of the AMIA 2002 Symposium, Pages 111-115
ISBN 1-56-53-600-4
Publisher Hanley and Belfus, Inc.
Publication Date November 2002
Abstract Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) offer many potential advantages to clinicians. A number of systems have begun to appear for all types of PDAs that allow for the recording and tracking of patient information. PDAs allow information to be both entered and accessed at the point of care. They also allow information entered away from a central repository to be added or ?synced? with data through the use of a wireless or wired connection. Few systems, however, have been designed to work in the client/server environment. Even fewer have been designed as point of care additions to already existing enterprise systems. This paper describes the issues encountered in deploying such a system for use in the University of Washington Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The lessons learned could be applied to other institutions that will seek to add handheld technology to information systems in the future.

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