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Title Multiple signal integration by decision tree induction to detect artifacts in the neonatal intensive care unit
Author(s) Tsien CL, Kohane IS, McIntosh N
Source Artif Intell Med, Vol. 19, No. 3, Pages 189-202
Publication Date July 2000
Abstract The high incidence of false alarms in the intensive care unit (ICU) necessitates the development of improved alarming techniques. This study aimed to detect artifact patterns across multiple physiologic data signals from a neonatal ICU using decision tree induction. Approximately 200 h of bedside data were analyzed. Artifacts in the data streams were visually located and annotated retrospectively by an experienced clinician. Derived values were calculated for successively overlapping time intervals of raw values, and then used as feature attributes for the induction of models trying to classify 'artifact' versus 'not artifact' cases. The results are very promising, indicating that integration of multiple signals by applying a classification system to sets of values derived from physiologic data streams may be a viable approach to detecting artifacts in neonatal ICU data.

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