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Title A real-time video pattern generator for use in ophthalmology.
Author(s) Obaidat MS, Abu-Saymeh D
Source Journal of Medical Engineering and Technolog, Vol. 23, No. 4, Pages 135-143
Publication Date Jul-Aug 1999
Abstract An automated real-time microcomputer-based video pattern generator for use in optometry and ophthalmology is presented. The system can generate various vision pattern tests including a static and dynamic random dot stereogram that can be used to test depth perception. The patterns are generated in real time, which provides the ability to generate programmable images with objects that can move at different speeds. This feature is very useful in testing depth perception among infants and non-communicative people by correlating the movement of the eye with the movement of the object. The system also can generate other patterns such as checkerboards, vertical and horizontal bars, and provide the ability to sweep the size of the checkers and bars. These patterns are also useful for testing visual acuity. The system hardware is based on the TMS34010 graphics processor and hardware circuits and is connected to a host computer through a RS-232C serial communication port. Both control and application programs are written in assembly language. The system is fast, versatile and flexible with affordable cost.

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