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Title A model of a computer file for the intensive neonatal practice "Neonatal Intensive Computer File".
Author(s) LD Despotova-Toleva
Source Folia Medica (Plovdiv), Vol. 41, No. 2, Pages 38-43
Publication Date 1999
Abstract INTRODUCTION: The use of computer methods for processing the databases gathered in a neonatal intensive care unit has more than 20 years experience. During the past years various systems for data management in accordance with the nature of the work have been designed. AIM: The aim was to create a method for quick and easy processing of variable clinical material in an uniform format. REQUIREMENTS: The method allows the arrangement of the entire primary information into a standardized database suitable for computer processing, following up an unlimited number of parameters, calculating derivative indices, representing and evaluating data by means of graphic trends, surveying current clinical information not only for routine practice, but also for research purposes. RESULTS: We developed a computer file type method. This is a method enabling the systematic and well arranged structuring of the newborn's history, the recordings of the monitoring and life-supporting equipment, the data from clinical, laboratory examinations and all the other implemented diagnostic-therapeutic procedures, family, social and possibly legal background. CONCLUSION: The proposed method Neonatal Intensive Computer File (NICF) was applied successfully in the management the data of the above mentioned project (Grant L-444, MES-Sofia): organizes the entire information into a form suitable for the everyday clinical practice and for research studies. Neonatal Intensive Computer File (NICF) gives ample possibilities for quick and reliable evaluation of the condition of the newborn infant and the effect of the applied treatment. The introduced panel (complex) of indices with possibilities for its expansion allows early detection of advancing and threatening disturbances, characterizes the type and pinpoints the exact time and location of the disturbances occurring in the system ventilator-patient-physician. The graphic trends visualize the variation of the indices and contributes to the quick evaluation and orientation in them. They are considerably more informative than the single time registered values of any indicator or index. Optimizes the management of the applied ventilation/oxygenation technique and overall treatment, facilitates the timely decision-making process (the change and/or the choice of new therapeutic alternatives) Facilitates the statistical analysis of the total accumulated data or a selected part of it. Allows the use of the same clinical material for the needs of multiple research projects guaranteeing precision and reliability. The accumulated databases (information bank) are important for future prospective and retrospective studies not only in the clinical but also in the social field. The information yielded by Neonatal Intensive Computer File (NICF) can be used for prognostic projections and conclusions in terms of the current condition and outcome as well as ad vitam.

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