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Title Computer assisted neonatal parenteral nutrition solution protocols
Author(s) Zolnierz MW
Source Hosp Pharm, Vol. 27, No. 3, Pages 217-220
Publication Date March 1992
Abstract Hospital pharmacies compound neonatal parenteral nutrition solutions for administration to premature infants until enteral feedings are tolerated. The majority of these solutions pose no problem for the hospital pharmacist to prepare. Occasionally, premature infants are prescribed low volume solutions that challenge the pharmacist to ensure the proper mixing and dilution of ingredients. Formulation and dilution protocols have been developed to guide the pharmacist in determining the safest procedure for compounding neonatal parenteral nutrition solutions. Staff members of Charlton Memorial Hospital pharmacy have developed a computer assisted calculation program that aids the pharmacist in following these protocols. Formulation changes suggested by the computer program should be verified by the pharmacist. Computerized documentation of formulation changes aid communication between the pharmacist and the physician. Infant safety is the primary goal of these formulation changes.

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