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Title An expert system to assist neonatal intensive care
Author(s) Snowden S, Brownlee KG, Dear PR
Source J Med Eng Technol 1997 Mar-Apr;21(2):67-73, Vol. 21, No. 2, Pages 67-73
Publication Date March/April 1997
Abstract An expert system for neonatal intensive care (ESNIC) for the management of mechanically ventilated neonates on intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV) has been developed. The system uses the rule based expert system shell XiPlus (Inference Inc.) and runs on an IBM-compatible PC. The rules have been derived from the knowledge of two consultant paediatricians. The inputs to the system are the current ventilator settings, blood gas tensions and pH. The output of the system is a set of suggested new ventilator settings. The aim of the system is to provide ventilator settings which will maintain the arterial blood gas tensions within an acceptable range, reducing pressures whenever feasible and increasing pressures only as a last resort. In addition, ESNIC provides data archiving, graphical displays of all parameters, ventilation and discharge summaries. With the 63 patients in the study ESNIC was consulted for 76% of all ventilator adjustments and the advice given was accepted on 83% of these occasions.

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