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Title Three Years Experience with a Patient Data Management System at a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Author(s) M. Urschitz, S. Lorenz, L. Unterasinger, P. Metnitz, K. Preyer, C. Popow
Source Journal of Clin. Mon. and Computing, Vol. 14, Pages 119-125
Publication Date Feb. 1998
Abstract We report about our experience with the patient data management system (PDMS) Hewlett Packard CareVue 9000 at two neonatal ICUs. We describe our PDMS configuration (hard- and software), local adjustments and enhancements such as knowledge based systems for calculating the parenteral nutrition of newborn infants (VIE-PNN), for advising medication (VIE-Nmed), and for managing mechanical ventilation (VIE-VENT), and the results of a structured interview with our staff members about the acceptance of the system. Despite some criticism nearly all collaborators liked the system, especially because of its time saving automated documentation of vital data and mechanical ventilation parameters. More than 2/3 preferred the computer assisted documentation to charting by hand, only 1/41 would have liked to return to paper documentation. All staff members possessed excellent (15/39) or good (24/39) knowledge of the system. Main points of critique were the system's therapy planning facilities (medication administration records), the restrictive facilities for documenting patient care and the yet unsolved problems of data evaluation and export. PDM systems have to be constantly adapted to the user's needs and to the changing clinical environment. Living with the system asks for an intensive dialog with the system and its functionalities, for creativity and well defined ideas about the future system development.

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