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Title New Concepts for a Microprocessor-Oriented Long-Term Intelligent Monitoring of Newborns
Author(s) Christian P. A. Vasseur; Michel C. Couvreur; jean-Marc Toulotte; Olivier Dubois
Source J Biomed En, Vol. 2, No. 3, Pages 185-192
Publication Date July, 1980
Abstract This paper is based on the utilization of the very elementary principle of linear regression used in a recursive way. This technique tested on electrophysiological signals readily leads to the conception of a monitoring system built on a biprocessor unit. In a clinical context, the use of microprocessors leads then to the design of very compact devices including the capability of distributed processing which embraces the concept of intelligent monitoring. Finally, a proposal is given for the realization of a complete monitoring control desk (MCD) devoted to the survey of eight patients.

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