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Title Computed Radiography in Neonatal Intensive Care
Author(s) L. Merlo; S. Bighi; P. M. Cervi; L. Lupi
Source Pediatr. Radiol., Vol. 21, No. 2, Pages 94-96
Publication Date 1991
Abstract The authors report their experience in the employment of a computerized digital radiographic system in Neonatal Intensive Care. The analog screen-film system is replaced by photosensitive imaging plates, scanned after X-ray exposure by a laser that releases the digital image, which can then be manipulated on computer work-stations. In a period of twelve months about 200 chest-abdomen X-ray examinations in Neonatal Intensive Care have been performed using this method with good technical and diagnostic results. The use of digital radiography in the neonatal area is of high interest; this system produces good quality images, there is a reduction in radiation dose and "retakes," the system allows selective enhancement of different structures and their magnification.

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