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Title Use of a microprocessor in the control of malignant hypertension with sodium nitroprusside
Author(s) R. V. Jackson; J. B. Love; W. G. Parkin; M. L. Wahlqvist; N. S. Williams
Source Aust. N. Z. J. Med., Vol. 7, Pages 414-417
Publication Date August, 1977
Abstract In a malignant hypertensive, steady control of blood pressure at a pre-determined level has been achieved with the continuous intravenous infusion of sodium nitroprusside. A microprocessor was programmed to assess the patient's blood pressure and adjust the rate of nitroprusside infusion so that a mean pressure of 106 mm Hg was achieved. Brief interruption of the nitroprusside infusion allowed the effectiveness of changes in oral therapy to be evaluated. Thiocyanate concentrations were measured throughout as an index of potential nitroprusside toxicity. After six days, blood pressure control was maintained with oral therapy alone and papilloedema had almost resolved.

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