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Title Automated treatment of critically ill patients following operation
Author(s) Louis C. Sheppard; Nicholas T. Kouchoukos; Mary Alta Kurtts; John W. Kirklin
Source Annals of Surgery, Vol. 168, No. 4, Pages 596-604
Publication Date October 1968
Abstract 1. A concept of automated care of patients after open intracardiac operations is presented.

2. An IBM 1800 digital computer system and appropriate sensing devices and amplifiers have been used to apply this concept in 124 patients following operation from July 1, 1967 to March 15, 1968.

3. The measurements made and their use have been described. Automatic control of perfusion of blood has been performed in accordance with appropriate logic and rules.

4. The advantages of the system and the needed additions have been discussed.

5. The appendix contains the technical details of the system.

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