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Title The 'Dynamic Transcutaneous PO2 Histogram' or How to Deal with Immense Quantities of Monitorig Data
Author(s) F. Fallenstein, H.U. Bucher, R. Huch, and A. Huch
Source Pediatrics, Vol. 75, No. 3, Pages 608-614
Publication Date March 1985
Abstract Monitoring of transcutaneous oxygen pressure (PO2) is a routine procedure in the management of sick newborn infants. The clinician frequently requires information on trends in transcutaneous PO2 and variability in relation to clinical procedures. However, long-term measurement of transcutaneous PO2 presents problems with documentation and analysis of the data. A new method, "dynamic transcutaneous PO2 histogram," was developed to present long-term transcutaneous PO2 monitoring data that may be applied in the future to on-line systems.

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