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Title A data base system for pediatric intensive care
Author(s) Gunnary I. Olsson
Source International Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing, Vol. 1, Pages 73-80
Publication Date 1984
Abstract A data base system has been designed at the pediatric intensive care unit of St. Gorans Hospital in Stockholm. Information on all cases treated during 1982 was retrieved, including information from another file containing data on inpatient stays in the county of Stockholm. Thus, an automatic follow-up study was made and the results of intensive care were expressed as mortality occurring at the intensive care unit (ICU), mortality up to 180 days after discharge, average length of stay in the ICU and average number of bed days as inpatients from discharge from the ICU up to 180 days later. Altogether, 705 ICU days of 626 patients were retrieved. Mortality in the ICU was 8.6% and increased to 12.5% 180 days after discharge from the ICU. The average period of hospitalization after discharge from the ICU was 19 days.

Cases diagnosed as IRDS were studied specifically and the mortality was 53% in cases with birth weights less than 1500 grams and 13% in cases with birth weights of 1500 grams or more. High mortality and long hospitalization after discharge from the ICU was seen in cases with neurological complications. All information was retrieved interactively from a display terminal at the department. This could be done at any hour of the day.

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