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Title Instrumentation for the continuous measurement of gas exchange and ventilation of infants during assisted ventilation
Author(s) Karl Schulze, MD; Mark Stefanski, BA; Julia Masterson, BA; L. Stanley James, MD
Source Critical Care Medicine, Vol. 11, No. 11, Pages 892-896
Publication Date November, 1983
Abstract A system of instrumentation for continuous measurement of oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, and minute ventilation in human newborns on assisted ventilation is described. O2 consumption and CO2 production are measured by open-circuit indirect calorimetry utilizing a Servomex OA 184 differential paramagnetic oxygen analyzer and a Beckman LB2 infrared CO2 analyzer. Minute volume is measured with a body plethysmograph. Bench performance is described, limitations of the system are defined, and sample clinical data are presented. The instrumentation can measure safely, accurately, and continuously physiologic variables in sick infants on assisted ventilation.

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