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Title NEONATE -- an expert application for the "HELP" system: comparison of the computer's and the physician's problem list.
Author(s) Arie Franco, MD, PhD; Fred L. Farr, PhD; Jerald D. King, MD; Justin S. Clark, PhD; Peter J. Haug, MD
Source Journal of Medical Systems, Vol. 14, No. 5, Pages 297-306
Publication Date October, 1990
Abstract NEONATE is a prototype of an expert application for the HELP Hospital Information System. Its goal is to improve documentation in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. The decision module of NEONATE is designed to produce an admission problem list. In this paper, the admission problem list that NEONATE generates was compared to the admission problem list of the current CETUS system for 30 patients. These were compared to a retrospectively constructed gold standard problem list. Of 101 problems in the gold standard list, 56 were on the current admission reports; 82 were found by NEONATE. NEONATE found 31 problems missed on the current admission reports; the current admission reports contained 5 problems missed by NEONATE. The current admission reports contained 9 false positives; whereas NEONATE's reports contained 27. Of the 27, 16 were caused by a single rule in NEONATE. We conclude that an expert system has great potential for improving the documentation of the patient problem list.

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