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Title Behavioral States and State Related Heart Rate and Motor Activity Patterns in the Newborn Infant and the Fetus Ante Partum. II. Computer Analysis of State Related Heart Rate Baseline and Macrofluctuation Patterns
Author(s) H. D. Junge
Source J. Perinat. Med., Vol. 7, No. 3, Pages 134-148
Publication Date 1979
Abstract For off-line computer analysis of visually identical neonatal and fetal heart rate patterns, 8-hour heart rate recordings were digitized and data of sequential segments of 1 min. duration were analyzed with respect to baseline level, amplitude as well as frequency of macrofluctuation and microfluctuation, according to quantification methods developed by the author. The results strongly support the assumption that in the fetus as well as the newborn a regular change of CNS coordination does exist and that spontaneously changing CNS coordination or arousal is the predominant factor governing antepartum FHR pattern and its variation in fetal wellbeing.

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