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Title CO2 Responses in Infants: On-Line Display and Analysis Using a Microcomputer and Waveform Analyzer
Author(s) Michael Coleman, MD; Terrance Kapsen, BS; Margeret Gordon, RRT; Stephen Boros, MD
Source Critical Care Medicine, Vol. 11, No. 3, Pages 196-198
Publication Date March, 1983
Abstract This report describes a new system for measuring and recording ventilatory responses to inspired CO2 in infants, which consists of a nasal pneumotach, microcomputer, and a waveform analyzer. The waveform analyzer measures ventilatory responses on-line and displays them in real-time, breath-by-breath. Thirty-two ventilation studies were performed in 24 normal, full-term infants (3-300 days of age). The mean ration of delta-VE/deltaPaCO2 was 44.3 plus or minus 22.9 (SD) ml/kg*min*mm Hg BTPS (range 15.0-121.2). We believe this new system is a significant improvement over previous methods for measuring and recording ventilatory responses of infants.

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