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Title Informatics and Medical Libraries: Changing Needs and Changing Roles
Author(s) Mark E. Frisse, MD; Robert M. Braude, PhD; Valerie Florance, PhD; and Sherrilynne Fuller, PhD
Source Academic Medicine, Vol. 70, No. 1, Pages 30-35
Publication Date January, 1995
Abstract Medical librarians play a crucial role in the evolution of institution informational policy. As information professionals, they share many similarities with their medical informatics counterparts. Both groups emphasize information delivery to the point of decision making, both groups serve as curators of institutional knowledge bases. If the term "publication" encompasses the delivery of clinical information relevant to individuals or populations, both librarians and medical informaticians have an immediate interest in the nature of biomedical publishing, particularly in areas of intellectual ownership, confidentiality, distribution, and access. Both groups have also been early leaders in applying information technology to solve pressing knowledge-management problems, and both groups have a strong commitment to educating colleagues in the effective use of information. Although the challenges faced by librarians and medical informaticians are sometimes different, the evolution of information technology and new forms of biomedical communication suggest that there is now a greater convergence between the two disciplines.

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