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Title The Organization of the Digital Library
Author(s) Robert M. Braude, MD; Valerie Florance, PhD; Mark Frisse, MD; and Sherrilynne Fuller, PhD
Source Academic Medicine, Vol. 70, No. 4, Pages 286-291
Publication Date April, 1995
Abstract As digital information proliferates and the difficulties of managing it threaten to overwhelm traditional publication and information delivery processes, new visions of a digital library are forming. Exactly what a digital library is and how it is ito be organized have not yet been determined, and bibliographic organization of digital information has not been sufficiently addressed. Bibliography is the systematic description or classification of writings or publications considered as material objects. In today's digital world, such material objects may no longer be relevant, but the need for systematic description remains. The important issue is not whether digital bibliography is needed but, instead, whether or not existing bibliographic techniques are appropriate for this new media. A second issue is the location of the responsibility for a new digital bibliography. Does it rest with medical informaticians, often the producers of this new digital information, or with librarians, traditionally the classifiers of information? Developments in both medical informatics and medical librarianship indicate a need for greater collaboration between these specialties in order to achieve their common purpose -- the creation, classification, and dissemination of scholarly information.

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