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Title Computer-Assisted Neonatal Data Base Designed Primarily for Clinical Research
Author(s) Daniel P. Lindstrom and Robert B. Cotton
Source The Use of Computers in Perinatal Medicine, Chapter 5, Pages 105-116
ISBN 0-03-061513-5
Publisher Praeger Publishers, New York, NY
Publication Date 1982
Abstract Initially our computer-assisted data base was implemented via a large time-sharing system. The several programs required for data input, editing, and retrieval were written by us in Fortran. However, we were soon plagued by slow response time and the parkinsonian propensity of data bases to overflow their allotted disk space. In 1977, we obtained grant support to purchase our own laboratory minicomputer system, consisting of a Digital Equipment Corp. PDP-11/34 with 56 KB memory, 12.5 MB disk, VT-11 vector display, A/D converter, and Printronix 300 line printer/plotter. The operating system used is RT-11 V3B. Since our existing data base software had to be rewritten for the new computer, we were able to incorporate modifications suggested by our previous experience. The resulting software is tailored to our research needs, yet is flexible enough to accommodate other applications as they arise. Adaptations of the software are currently in use at several medical facilities in Gothenburg, Sweden. This chapter explores the design features and software structure of the Vanderbilt Unviersity computer-assisted neonatal data base, with its primary focus on the performance of clinical research projects.

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