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Title Educating Physicians to Use the Digital Library
Author(s) Valerie Florance, PhD; Robert M. Braude, PhD; Mark E.Frisse, MD; Sherrilynne Fuller, PhD
Source Academic Medicine, Vol. 70, No. 7, Pages 597-602
Publication Date July, 1995
Abstract Skill in creating, finding, managing, and using biomedical information is a vital component of modern medical practice. Medical schools recognize the revolutionary implications of computing technology and use a number of different strategies to integrate "informatics education" into their curricula. In many institutions, leadership for this effort rests with the health sciences library and/or the department of medical informatics. Examples are presented of how nine medical schools have implemented informatics education; no single informatics-education strategy prevails, and these schools' strategies do not exhaust the possibilities. Informatics education programs will require better planning and integration in the future because of the need to keep pace with curriculum reform, the changing context of medical practice, and the speed of technological innovation.

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