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Title Computer Assistance in Delivery of Patient Care in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Author(s) Ray Duncan and Jeffrey J. Pomerance
Source The Use of Computers in Perinatal Medicine, Chapter 19, Pages 337-351
ISBN 0-03-061513-5
Publisher Praeger Publishers, New York, NY
Publication Date 1982
Abstract A dedicated microcomputer system has been in continuous use at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center neonatal intensive care unit since 1978. The equipment configuration is a Cromemco CPU based on the Zilog Z-80 processor, 1 MB of removable flexible disk storage, 22 MB of fixed hard disk storage, several standard CRT terminals, a Tektronix graphics terminal, and a Printronix 300-line-per-minute printer. This chapter briefly describes a number of applications that we have made at CSMC NICU of this microcomputer system in assisting direct patient care.

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