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Title On-line resources for pediatricians
Author(s) S. A. Spooner
Source Arch. Pediatr. Adolesc. Med., Vol. 149, No. 10, Pages 1160-1168
Publication Date October, 1995
Abstract BACKGROUND: Medical information is increasingly available on computer networks. OBJECTIVES: To familiarize the pediatrician with some of the terms associated with these on-line resources, and to describe what is available via the Internet and dial-up computer bulletin boards. DATA SOURCES: Information for this article was taken from publicly available on-line services and Internet servers. DATA EXTRACTION: Only resources relevant to pediatric practice were included. DATA SYNTHESIS: Medical information on the Internet is in a state of evolution. Useful resources for pediatricians are sparse but expanding rapidly. CONCLUSIONS: Pediatricians may use on-line computer networks to communicate. Familiarity with computer networks will become more important to pediatricians as electronic medical records, on-line medical literature, and telemedicine (the practice of medicine over long distances) become more common. Medical libraries and commercial on-line services are good places to begin to investigate the availability of medical information over computer networks.

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