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Title Pediatric Parenteral Nutrition Mixtures Design Program: Validity and Stability Study
Author(s) Carlos Ochoa-Sangrador; Maria Felipa Brezmes-Valdivieso; Carmen Gil-Valino
Source Comput. Biomed. Res., Vol. 28, No. 4, Pages 271-281
Publication Date August, 1995
Abstract The formulation and elaboration of a correct parenteral nutrition (PN) in infancy requires the use of many parameters, the realization of complicated mathematical calculations, and repeated and individualized adjustments of the final constituents. The use of computer programs in the confection of PN has simplified the whole process, but, to our understanding, the programs being used at the moment lack the flexibility needed to generalize its use in the pediatric age. The aim of this work is to present a new computer program able to make up complete pediatric units of PN by itself, which follow the nutritional requirements and the marketed preparations established for each clinical situation. The program provides, automatically, standard amounts for each nutrient, according to age, water needs, and route of administration. The program turns these amounts, which can be modified before or after knowing the final composition, into milliliters of each commercial product and provides a complete analysis of the PN solution. It is also possible to adapt the basic configuration of the program to the needs of each patient, modifying the nutritional requirements and the products that the program will use. In order to assess the validity of the program, we made up a series of PN solutions, for a simulated sample of patients, which represented different clinical situations and age groups. We analyzed the composition of the mixtures and its physical-chemical stability. No problems in the PN solutions generated by the program when using our standard configuration were found. A study of reproducibility was carried out and no difficulties of execution, errors, or differences in the composition of the PN solutions designed by the different physicians were found. Average time needed for the design of a PN was less than 5 min. The use of computer programs in the design of mixtures of PN reduces errors and time, allowing a better use of this technique of nutritional support.

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