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Title Intelligent System for Newborn Auditory Brain-Stem Evoked Potentials
Author(s) M. I. Fasolo; R. R. Seixas; J. C. Nievola; P. J. Abatti
Source Proceedings of the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Page 457
Publication Date 1994
Abstract Hearing impairment prejudices child's development by limiting or hindering the learning of speech and language consequently rendering family and social integration. The Auditory Brain-Stem Evoked Potentials (ABEP) studies of Seixas RR, Fasolo MI & Moreira RN realized in 1,300 patients were ages ranging from zero to ten years old demonstrated: 82.8% incidence of hearing impairment; the late performance of examinations to evidence a definite hearing loss as 54.1% of the examined patients were at ages ranging from one to three years old. It is to be noted that hearing impairment risk-factors demonstrates a close correlation with certain modalities of gestational, perinatal and neonatal events. The purpose of this work described in this paper were to design and implement a rule-based expert system for automatically execution of newborn auditory brain-stem evoked potentials' exams that provide a conclusive hearing impairment diagnosis. This system communicates with a biological signal acquisition subsystem and aggregates patient clinical history and other medical data. The expert system judgment is based on clinical history, medical data and ABEP records correlation's (fact base); and hearing impairment risk-factors (rule base) included on the expert system knowledge base. The heuristic approach employed has used clinical neurophysiology and neonatology expertises to build system's knowledge base. This system provides a necessary condition to implant an automated hearing screening program among neonates for early detection of hearing impairment. The results obtained by this system are compatible almost as well as a highly trained human expertise.

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