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Title Physician-Oriented Reporting in an Intensive Care Environment [Neonatal]
Author(s) Donald P. Connelly, MD, PhD; David W. Dean, BA; Bonnie K. Hultman, BS
Source MEDINFO 86: Proceedings of the Fifth World Conference on Medical Informatics, Pages 810-812
Publisher Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., North Holland
Publication Date 1986
Abstract Conventional approaches to computer-based reporting of clinical laboratory results may not be totally effective in the [neonatal] intensive care setting that involves very close monitoring of many patients. The resulting disorganized mass of reported results may adversely affect result availability and timelines as well as personnel efficiency. The system described here provides physicians rapid access to laboratory results with a single touch of a screen. The current and past results can be reviewed in a format tailored to the clinical decision task. Personnel are alerted to critical results as soon as they become available with no effort on their part other than an occasional glance at a display screen. A unique approach to result review so that results are not overlooked is an integral part of this system.

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